EDI 889

Promotion Announcement


What is an EDI 889?

EDI 889, also known as a Promotion Announcement, is an EDI transaction set used by a business to let their trading partners know about new promotions or discounts, as well as changes to existing promotions. This document is multidirectional, meaning it can be used by a variety of supply chain businesses, but is most commonly used by sellers and brokers. 

EDI 889 documents follow the x12 format set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), a not-for-profit organization that regulates EDI formats in the U.S. 

What are the Essential Components of EDI 889?

Like any sale or promotion by a business, the EDI 889 document needs to include important details that help buyers understand how a promotion works. Some of these key components include: 

  • Discounts or allowance amounts available 
  • Qualifying products 
  • Eligibility requirements, such as performance conditions, customer type, etc. 
  • Start and end dates for the promotion 

How do I Use EDI 889?

EDI 889 Promotion Announcements can be used in several ways, regarding sales promotions. Of course, this document is often used to announce a new promotion, letting trading partners know “There will be A discount for B products starting on Y day and ending on Z day!” 

However, EDI 889 can also be used to indicate changes to, or the cancellation of an existing promotion. Changes can include anything from the discount amount, to applicable dates, to performance conditions and requirements. 

After receiving EDI 889, trading partners will usually confirm receipt by sending back a 997 Functional Acknowledgement

What are the Benefits of EDI 889?

For suppliers and manufacturers, EDI 889 offers an easy way to tell trading partners about promotions that may incentivize them to buy. Because EDI 889 can be fully automated, it can be used to notify a large group of trading partners rapidly, while eliminating errors from manually typing up each communication. EDI 889 can also be sent automatically when a promotion changes, keeping trading partners in the know with real-time information.

In addition to time savings, increased information accuracy, and streamlined partner communications, EDI has another benefit: security. Unlike email, fax and paper promotion announcements, EDI transactions are often protected by security protocols, encryption, and portal user authentication, offering a safer way to transmit sensitive or confidential business details.


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