Best-of-Breed EDI from the Only “Preferred” EDI Provider for QuickBooks Enterprise

TrueCommerce is the only EDI solution provider selected by Intuit as QuickBooks Enterprise Preferred Logo
“Preferred” for QuickBooks Enterprise. A trusted partner in the QuickBooks community for over fifteen years, we are also a winner of the Sleeter Group’s prestigious Awesome QuickBooks Add-on Award.

Like thousands of other companies, you can count on the scalable and affordable TrueCommerce EDI solution to expedite your transactions, improve your customer responsiveness, and meet the EDI requirements of any trading partner.

Our cloud-based, managed service EDI integration for QuickBooks Enterprise includes everything you need to automate sales and purchase order transactions, as well as fulfillment communications with your remote warehouse or 3PL. The intuitive interface, flexible configuration options and comprehensive document integrations enable you to minimize manual data entry to improve business efficiency and accuracy, while liberating staff to focus on higher-value tasks.

Streamline Business Processes

  • Integrating EDI with QuickBooks Enterprise saves time and reduces inaccuracies from manually generating documents.
  • Automatically create sales orders and invoices in QuickBooks from inbound POs (EDI 850/875).
  • Send outbound invoices (EDI 810/880) directly from QuickBooks.
  • Easily credit your customers by automatically sending credit memos from QuickBooks.


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Connect to 3PLs and Suppliers

  • Fulfill orders faster and more accurately by automatically converting sales orders into EDI 940 warehouse shipping orders
  • Integrate the EDI 945 warehouse shipping advice with QuickBooks to automatically create invoices
  • Integrate outbound POs and inbound invoices to streamline communications with suppliers
  • Also generate bills in QuickBooks from the inbound invoice for a seamless process that minimizes data entry

Customer Success Stories

Caffe Ladro

Seattle Coffee Roaster and Retailer Accelerates Order Processing and Quadruples Online Sales with TrueCommerce Unified Commerce Services

MpDirect, Inc.

Packs on Efficiencies with TrueCommerce Pack & Ship

Claudia’s Canine Cuisine

With TrueCommerce's EDI solution for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, Claudia’s Canine Cuisine reduced order-processing costs and increased profit margins.

Blast Zone Drives Drop Ship Program with TrueCommerce

Blast Zone Automates Order Processing and Drives Drop-Ship Program with TrueCommerce EDI Integrated with QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions — Roma Marble

TrueCommerce's EDI solution for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions gave Roma Marble an easy-to-use system backed by excellent support.

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Automatically Prevent Errors

  • Built-in process controls ensure that required data is entered correctly, and alert you of invalid fields before sending transactions
  • The solution automatically verifies that items on incoming orders (e.g., unit prices) match up with your QuickBooks data
  • For sales orders in QuickBooks, both the customer ID and item number fields are validated
  • Ensuring that documents are complete and correct helps eliminate errors and chargebacks, and reduces turnaround time on orders
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Be More Prepared for What’s Next

  • Support for custom fields let you meet any customer requirement or internal system requirement while further reducing the need for manual tasks
  • The modular TrueCommerce EDI architecture lets you switch or update your accounting or ERP system while keeping the rest of your EDI solution intact
  • TrueCommerce also makes it easy to integrate QuickBooks Enterprise with the planet’s premier online marketplaces and leading web storefront platforms
EDI Software Free

QuickBooks Enterprise Special Free Offer

TrueCommerce and Intuit have a special offer for users of the latest version of QuickBooks Enterprise:

  • Free web-based EDI translator
  • Free trading partner map for one customer
  • Purchase order and invoice document integration
  • Compatibility with future releases
  • No maintenance or support fees

Contact a TrueCommerce EDI specialist about this offer at +1 724-940-5520 or click the EDI link inside of QuickBooks Enterprise for a free offer form. 


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