H2-Pharma Automates Processes with EDI for QuickBooks Premier



Reduce operational costs and improve the speed and accuracy of the pharmaceutical chargeback process by bringing EDI in-house and leveraging the industry-leading TrueCommerce integration with QuickBooks Premier.


TrueCommerce EDI for QuickBooks Premier combined with EmpowerRM to manage contracts and process pharmaceutical chargeback documents delivers end-to-end order processing integration and automation, from purchase order to invoice


  • Saves considerable operational cost versus an outsourced EDI and chargeback processing solution, especially as business volume grows.
  • Automates order processing to save time, reduce errors and minimize associated labor cost.
  • Integrates EDI with a 3PL warehouse to simplify and accelerate shipping.
  • Makes it possible to handle a large and growing transaction volume without adding staff.

“For a small distributor like us, the ability to efficiently send and receive EDI documents with the three major pharmaceutical wholesalers is absolutely crucial.”

“Especially with the chargebacks, trying to process the data in some other format like email or spreadsheets becomes very challenging. It’s much better for us to be doing business using EDI.”

Kyle Clifton
Supply Chain Manager