Healthcare and Life Sciences Distribution

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Take Control of Your Supply Chain with Integrated Solutions from True Commerce

Distributors play a critical role in healthcare and life sciences, providing the vast majority of pharmaceuticals and medical products to end-customers, be they pharmacies, retailers, healthcare institutions, or consumers. Managing a combination of FDA regulations, dozens or hundreds of suppliers, and a rapidly evolving healthcare marketspace can put significant strain on your supply chain. To stay competitive and deliver on your customers’ needs, your healthcare wholesale or distribution business needs to be as accurate and efficient as possible. 

Continued reliance on manual processes is a major threat to healthcare distribution companies, as they obscure supply chain visibility, delay order processing, and lead to costly errors. Digital transformation and unified commerce offer a better way to manage your distribution supply chain. By integrating your external channels with your internal business systems, you can eliminate manual data entry, and increase supply chain transparency through near real-time data availability. At the same time, unified commerce brings all your operations into a single user interface, enabling your team to view and manage your supply chain from end to end. With applications for everything from EDI, to shipping, to inventory management, you’ll be able to scale your business in every direction. 

Eliminate Supply Chain Complexities

Today’s supply chains aren’t like the linear paths of the past. To succeed, your business needs to be able to work with a vast, global trading network of suppliers, trading partners, 3PLs, and carriers. 

  • End-to-end visibility into inventory and product movements lets you quickly assess the state of your supply chain, and make strategic business decisions 
  • Single-vendor solution offers integrated, plug-and-play applications for all your supply chain activities 
  • Fully managed service model handles supplier and trading partner onboarding, and proactively monitors communications for data issues 

Automate Key Processes

Time-consuming data entry and other manual processes hinder your supply chain, making it difficult to meet tight customer delivery timeframes. 

  • Integrated EDI brings data to and from your ERP for rapid order processing 
  • Vendor managed inventory uses shared data from your partners to provide replenishment recommendations, and execute replenishment orders
  • Advanced automation options like autofill fields and order tagging, provide even more control over fulfillment processes 

Simplify Supplier Management

You might be working with dozens, or even hundreds of healthcare suppliers that vary in sizes and technical ability. Supplier enablement gives your suppliers the tools they need to communicate efficiently. 

  • EDI support, plus a web EDI portal and support for XML, CSV, and other flat files lets your suppliers communicate their way 
  • Email- and PDF-to-EDI integration transforms unstructured data to meet your ERP system’s needs 
  • Advanced analytics offer insights into compliance, on-time fulfillment, and in-full performance 
  • Fully managed supplier onboarding with a proven process gets new suppliers up and running in a matter of days 

Broaden Your Global Footprint

Flexible, scalable supply chain solutions, and global connectivity make it easy to grow your healthcare or life sciences wholesale business. 

  • Join a global commerce network with more than 120,000 pre-connected suppliers, retailers, 3PLs, brokers, carriers, and more 
  • Expand into digital channels with an innovative B2B and B2C eCommerce platform and marketplace integrations 
  • Easily handle sustained growth and demand spikes with cloud-based supply chain automation 
  • Ensure the highest level of transparency and traceability across products and orders, even as you grow 

Get Best-of-Breed Support

Supply chain disruptions are unavoidable, but with the right security and support, you can create a more resilient and agile business. 

  • At-rest and in-transit data encryption protects both your, and your customers’ information 
  • 99.9% uptime, full redundancy, and complete disaster recovery safeguard your business against data loss 
  • 24/7 customer service availability from a fully in-house team offers expert support when you need it most 
  • Dedicated integration and implementation teams provide a seamless transition to our solutions, and manage trading partner onboarding