Hitting the Drop Ship Sweet Spot

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This on-demand webinar is a special contribution to the supply chain industry brought to you by Lehigh University’s Center of Supply Chain Research and TrueCommerce. In it, you’ll get exclusive insights into eCommerce drop shipping, and its impact on the industry. We’ll explore the way drop shipping works and the benefits and risks for suppliers and retailers. You’ll also hear about the tools and tips you can use to overcome fulfillment challenges as a drop shipping manufacturer, so you can hit that drop shipping sweet spot!

Dr. Zach G. Zacharia is the Director of the Center for Supply Chain Research in the College of Business and Economics at Lehigh University.

Zach is a Senior Associate Editor at the International Journal of Logistics Management and an Associate Editor at the Journal of Business Logistics. He has contributed to countless supply chain publications, and as a member of a Supply Chain Research Group at the University of Tennessee he co-authored a book titled “Supply Chain Management” (Sage Publications, December 2000).  He has received several academic achievement awards for his work, including the Teaching Innovation Grant and the Staub Faculty Excellence Award from Lehigh University.