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TrueCommerce’s EDI Managed Service Fully Automates the Flow of Information Between Trading Partners, Integrating Seamlessly with Your Back Office Systems


More Connected. More Supported. More Prepared for What's Next.

  • The exchange of documents is automated, removing the need for time consuming, error prone, manual and often paper based processes, involving fax and telephone.
  • Centralize all of your EDI – with both your customers and suppliers – on one hosted platform, providing visibility of all transactional activities.
  • Free up your IT department to focus on more value added activities, without losing control.
  • Increased speed and accuracy of information exchange.

"What once took days is now all done same-day, automatically, with no human intervention. Over 80% of Worthington’s sales order volume now flows automatically through TrueCommerce OneTime. The few remaining suppliers not using OneTime are those whose order volume doesn’t meet the threshold Worthington set for onboarding."

Brian Heiland
Vice President
Worthington Direct

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