Enhance Your Supplier Performance by Connecting Your ERP to Your Trading Partners’ APIs

Whether you’re already selling to a customer that is API-enabled or want to grow your business via new trade relationships, performance is key to success. That means quick responses to orders and rapid fulfillment. It also requires accurate inventory levels, and great product content for eCommerce uses.

Even if you can access a customer’s API through a vendor portal, you may not be getting all the benefits of API platforms. To get the most out of your API trade relationships, you need an integration with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) or accounting system.


Why You Need an API ERP Integration


An application programming interface, or API, is a uniquely designed piece of software that connects systems and applications. APIs can have a huge range of uses, but many retailers and wholesalers build APIs to connect their ERP systems, eCommerce sites, and other software. These APIs can often also be accessed by suppliers to connect to their customers.

Often, retailers create APIs to streamline supply chain processes for their suppliers, from order retrieval to fulfillment updates and real-time inventory visibility. For instance, integrating with Wayfair’s API lets suppliers retrieve pre-built shipping labels with ease. APIs also connect right to your customers’ systems, like their eCommerce platforms or digital marketplaces. With that kind of direct access, APIs offer the easiest way to update inventory, order statuses, and more.

API Integration Benefits

Let’s face it: no one wants to spend all day on boring, time-consuming data entry. What’s more, moving data between your systems and your vendor portals manually creates higher error rates and longer fulfillment times.

In contrast, API data integration draws a digital line between your backend systems and your customer’s API. This lets you create automated workflows that exchange data in real time, without any tedious typing. Other benefits of API integration include:

More Accurate Data


More Accurate Data

Automatic data exchange prevents errors that cause chargebacks and customer frustrations.

Higher Supplier Performance


Higher Supplier Performance

APIs support shorter lead times and better inventory visibility for your customers

Reduced Costs


Reduced Costs

API integrations let you process more orders while lowering IT and staffing costs.

Faster Order Processing


Faster Order

Automatically receive and process incoming API orders to accelerate fulfillment.


TrueCommerce API Integration

The TrueCommerce solution provides a direct API integration between your ERP system and leading API-enabled trading partners, including Amazon, Wayfair, Target+ and more. By offering direct connectivity, our integrations deliver the fastest, easiest way to manage and fulfill orders. Unlike other API connectors, TrueCommerce’s integration-agnostic cloud architecture enables immediate connectivity with your trading partner community, whether you are using EDI, API, file-based or other transaction methods.

A single connection between TrueCommerce’s network and your business system offers access to a variety of retailers, eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, eliminating multi-vendor solutions and freeing your staff from inefficient and manual order fulfillment via supplier portals.

How Our API Data Integration Works

Our integration creates a single access point connecting your ERP to supported trading partners and 3rd party logistics providers leveraging custom APIs. It supports automatic data exchange in every direction, making it easy for business users to manage by exception.


How Our API Data Integration Works
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Key API Integration Platform Features

  • Cloud-based Integration scales to meet customer demand and lets you manage API connectivity from anywhere.
  • Inventory Feed Automation delivers up-to-date inventory levels to your customers and their eCommerce/drop shipping platforms.
  • Order Processing Support exchanges key documents like purchase orders, invoices, shipping advices and more in real time.
  • Monitoring and Alerts check your documents for errors and notify business users for simple issue resolution.
  • Direct API Access offers complete visibility into orders and fulfillment for a more agile, resilient supply chain.
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Complete API Support for Your Business

To keep up with ever-changing markets, you need technology that lets you sell more products in more places with less effort. TrueCommerce’s fully managed service model does just that.

  • API mapping updates keep your brand in step with the latest changes in your customers’ API platforms.
  • Fully managed implementation uses proven methods to train your team, test your partner connections, and get you trading faster.
  • 24/7 customer service availability lets you get answers to all your questions from in-house experts that understand your API integration.
  • Managed cloud-based software reduces your IT burden and eliminates hefty maintenance costs for on-premises servers.
  • Secure connectivity with a 99.9% uptime and SOC-2 Type 2 certification products your data and your customers’ data.

ERP Integration Options

TrueCommerce has the highest-rated, most trusted ERP integrations on the market. Plus, our plug-and-play architecture means you can easily upgrade or switch your system, without disrupting all your channels. Supported ERPs include:

Go Beyond API with Unified Commerce

When you choose TrueCommerce, you get more than an API integration provider. Our innovative platform offers a full suite of solutions that give your business access to new trading partners, marketplaces, and eCommerce platforms. Once you’re connected, take your sales to the next level with solutions for inventory and fulfillment.

Stop juggling multiple technology vendors; see how we can support your entire supply chain:

Global Commerce Network


Global Commerce Network

Grow your business with access to more than 180,000 pre-built trading partner connections worldwide

Global Commerce  Network


Digital Commerce Integrations

Manage orders from your eCommerce store and marketplace listings from a single platform

Vendor Managed Inventory


Vendor Managed Inventory

Adapt to changing demand and enjoy higher on-shelf availability, fuller trucks, and lower inventory costs


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