QuickBooks Enterprise EDI Integration

Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise EDI Integration

As the only "Preferred" EDI provider for QuickBooks Enterprise, TrueCommerce provides a single-source, end-to-end solution to meet your growing needs.

EDI Integration for Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise — Business System Plug-In™

TrueCommerce is the only EDI solution provider selected by Intuit as “Preferred” for QuickBooks Enterprise. Thousands of companies have successfully implemented our robust, scalable EDI solution that can expedite your transactions and improve your customer service. Take a look at how complete, easy-to-use, and affordable our EDI solution is.

How Easy Is It?

Making EDI Painless for Users of QuickBooks™



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QuickBooks Users Enjoy a Robust, Affordable, Easy-to-Use Solution

EDI integration with QuickBooks Enterprise provides the ability to seamlessly format your transactions to comply with your trading partners’ requirements. Transactions that you receive via EDI are also quickly and easily converted into human readable format and brought into your QuickBooks system using Transaction Manager™, a web-based EDI translator on our Trading Partner Platform.

Our managed service EDI solution in the cloud includes everything you need to streamline and automate sales and purchase orders, as well as fulfillment communications with your warehouse. The intuitive interface, low total cost of ownership, and flexible configuration options help you minimize manual data entry, which maximizes business efficiency with your customers.

Customer Success Integrating EDI with QuickBooks Enterprise

Massachusetts-based Roma Marble needed to implement a new EDI system to comply with updated requirements from their biggest customer. The task seemed daunting for Roma Marble Accounts Receivable Administrator, Ellie Colesano, who was unsatisfied by EDI vendors that talked in confusing, inside-industry terms.

“TrueCommerce was different, patient, and friendly with me,” said Colesano. “Implementation was fast and painless because the TrueCommerce team handled everything, and worked directly with the trading partner. The solution allows us to maintain our internal coding; it all works beautifully and it’s so simple. They communicated with me at my level and made sure I understood everything.”

QuickBooks Enterprise Special Free Offer

TrueCommerce and Intuit have a special offer for users of the latest version of QuickBooks Enterprise:

  • Free web-based EDI translator
  • Free trading partner map for one customer
  • Purchase order and invoice document integration
  • Compatibility with future releases
  • No maintenance or support fees

Contact a TrueCommerce EDI specialist about this offer at 1-888-430-4489 or click the EDI link inside of QuickBooks Enterprise for a free offer form. To request a quote from TrueCommerce, fill out this form and a True Commerce EDI specialist will contact you.

Trusted, Award-Winning Integration

TrueCommerce, the most accredited EDI provider in North America, has provided dynamic EDI solutions to thousands of customers since 1995. We are recognized for technology innovations and solutions that are robust, flexible, and easy to use.

  • The only EDI solution “Preferred” by Intuit for QuickBooks Enterprise.
  • The Sleeter Group’s prestigious Awesome QuickBooks Add-on Award winner
  • Positive reviews from customers demonstrate our commitment to their success.

Sales and Purchase Order Integration Simplifies Processes

Our EDI integration reduces time spent and inaccuracies from manually generating documents. Think about how automating multiple processes will streamline your business:

  • Create sales orders and invoices from inbound purchase orders (850/875)
  • Send outbound invoices (810/880)
  • Leverage the ability to credit your customers by automating the sending of Credit Memo’s from QuickBooks.

Fulfill orders faster and more accurately when you select our remote warehouse integration. Transaction Manager converts sales orders into warehouse shipping orders (940) and integrates the warehouse shipping advice (945) with QuickBooks to automatically create invoices.

It’s easy to connect with your suppliers too! Our EDI solution supports the integration of outbound purchase orders (850) and inbound invoices (810). You can manage your communications with suppliers, generate bills in QuickBooks through the inbound invoice, and achieve a seamless process that minimizes manual entry.

Built-in Process Controls Prevent Transaction Errors

Built-in process controls ensure that customer-required data is entered correctly and alert you with notifications of invalid fields before sending your outbound transactions.

Our Transaction Manager automatically verifies that items on incoming orders, such as unit price, are matched to your QuickBooks data. For sales orders created within QuickBooks, both the customer ID and item number fields are validated. Automated safeguards help to eliminate charge-backs from customers and reduce order turnaround time. Transaction Manager ensures that all EDI documents sent to your customers are complete.

Custom Field Integration Provides Maximum Flexibility for Your Business

Transaction Manager enables you to serve any customer requirement or internal system preference by supporting integration for custom fields of your choice. While a number of data fields can be integrated, shipment and delivery dates might illustrate essential data that is important when processing your documents.

Regardless of which field or data type you would like to integrate as a custom field, Transaction Manager will automatically recognize and populate those fields. You can continually streamline your processes by reducing the need for manual data entry.

Cost Effective and Scalable Solution Supports Your Business Growth

The TrueCommerce platform is cost effective and scalable for your growing business. If you switch or update your ERP or accounting package, Transaction Manager continues to meet your customers’ EDI requirements. Our Business System Plug-In™ keeps the rest of your EDI solution intact while you quickly swap out your business system for an alternative accounting solution. Discover more about our Business System Plug-Ins.

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