TrueCommerce offers a complete end-to-end EDI solution integrated with Sage X3.

EDI for Sage X3 in the Cloud

TrueCommerce Transaction Manager™ Makes EDI Painless by Making It Simple and Affordable

TrueCommerce Transaction Manager™, the web-based EDI translator on our Trading Partner Platform, can be integrated with your Sage X3 business system.

Transaction Manager includes everything you need to streamline and automate your sales order processing with Sage X3. The intuitive interface, low total cost of ownership and flexible configuration options help you maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction – liberating your business to focus on new opportunities!

Customer Success for Sage X3 Users Integrating EDI

Founded in 1855, Elmer Candy has been providing seasonal chocolate products for generations of candy lovers. When Elmer implemented a Sage X3 system, the Louisiana company had just two months to migrate more than 40 trading partners and shift all EDI traffic to the new system.

After evaluating several Electronic Data Interchange solutions, Elmer selected the TrueCommerce integrated solution. “A large portion of our EDI orders ship in the last quarter of the year,” said Susan Penouilh, an EDI programmer analyst at Elmer. “Sometimes we’re shipping around the clock. We needed technology to help make that easier for us, and TrueCommerce EDI was clearly the right choice.”

Key Benefits of Sage X3 EDI Integration

  • Offers powerful sales-order processing including sales orders, invoices, purchase-order acknowledgements and deliveries.
  • Integration was built and developed using Sage’s Web Services for optimal performance and reliability.
  • Outbound advance-ship notice (ASN) integration supports no-pack, pick-and-pack, standard and consolidated ASNs.
  • Trading-partner level settings are available for each integrated document, per trading partner.
  • TrueCommerce Scheduler automates common tasks such as receiving, importing and exporting transactions, as well as backing up data.
  • TrueCommerce EDI Labeling automates the creation of UCC/GS1-128 compliant, barcoded labels.
  • Built-in process controls such as monitoring duplicate purchase orders and price verifications ensure data integrity - reducing errors and minimizing chargebacks.

EDI in the Cloud for Sage X3 Users


Rely on Knowledgeable Customer Support

Elmer Candy is extremely happy with the quality of customer service provided by TrueCommerce. “The support staff is very knowledgeable and knows exactly how to work through challenges,” Penouilh said. “They respond quickly, follow through and provide the correct solution.”

Integrated EDI Solution

Transaction Manager supports sales order processing for Sage X3, including integrated documents such as sales orders, invoices, purchase-order acknowledgements and deliveries. This helps to eliminate manual data entry and yields a highly automated, efficient and easy-to-use solution that is ideal for manufacturers, distributors and retailers. In addition, outbound invoice integration supports outbound debits and credits as well as consolidated invoices. All of these integrated features help to ensure you meet your customers’ compliance requirements.

Warehouse Document Integration

Warehouse document integration offers electronic communication between you and your third-party warehouse. Outbound warehouse shipping orders (940) can automatically be created from existing shipments from within Sage X3. Additionally, integrated warehouse shipping advices (945) will update existing shipments with package and item contents in addition to shipping information (e.g., tracking, ship weight, quantity); lot and serial numbers are supported, as well as consolidated shipments. Lastly, outbound ASNs can easily be sent to your customer based on the information from the 945.

Harness the Power of Our Trading Partner Platform

TrueCommerce, the most accredited EDI provider in North America, has been providing EDI solutions to customers since 1995. With us, you gain access to more than 92,000 trading partner maps that are automatically updated free of charge.

Our powerful Trading Partner Platform includes integration of Transaction Manager, our web-based EDI translator, with the Sage X3 system. With other Platform components – our Trading Partner Maps and Trading Partner Network – along with underlying support and professional EDI services, we deliver a complete, end-to-end EDI solution from one trusted source.

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