Automate EDI Transactions to Eliminate Manual Tasks

TrueCommerce offers a complete, cloud-based EDI solution that integrates seamlessly with Sage X3 to ensure you can meet all your trading partners’ compliance requirements. 

The solution comes with everything you need to automate your EDI sales order processing with Sage X3 and eliminate manual data entry. Developed using Sage’s Web Services, it delivers optimal performance and reliability.

Its intuitive interface, low total cost of ownership and flexible configuration options help you maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction—liberating your business to focus on new opportunities!

Sales Order Automation

  • Automate sales order, invoice, PO acknowledgement and delivery transactions
  • Outbound ASN integration supports no-pack, pick-and-pack, standard and consolidated ASNs
  • Outbound invoice integration supports outbound debits and credits as well as consolidated invoices
  • Settings are available at the trading partner level for each integrated EDI document to simplify meeting partners’ requirements
  • Built-in controls such as price verification and monitoring duplicate POs help ensure data integrity, eliminate errors and reduce costly chargebacks

I’m now able to take on my previous responsibilities and wear multiple hats in the company again. I don’t have to spend my whole workday monitoring EDI—which makes my boss’s life easier, too. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished together. I wish all of our vendors could be more like TrueCommerce—I just love working with them.

Rebecca Dersch-Bell
EDI Coordinator
Origin Point Brands, LLC

Streamline 3PL Transactions

  • Integrate and automate transactions with 3PLs
  • Create EDI 940 warehouse shipping orders automatically from existing shipments from within Sage
  • EDI 945 warehouse shipping advices can update existing shipments with package and item contents in addition to shipping data (e.g., tracking, ship weight, quantity)
  • Also supports lot and serial numbers as well as consolidated shipments
  • Easily send outbound ASNs to customers based on data in the warehouse shipping advices
Sage X3 - Web-based EDI
Product Brochure

Sage X3 - Web-based EDI

Integrating your TrueCommerce EDI solution with Sage X3 reduces the need to print or rekey transactions, which makes sales order processing faster and more efficient without sacrificing accuracy
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Add Even More Value

  • Automate everyday tasks like receiving, importing and exporting transactions, as well as backing up EDI data, with the TrueCommerce Scheduler™ 
  • The TrueCommerce Labeling™ add-on accelerates shipping by automating the creation of UCC/GS1-128 compliant, barcoded labels 
  • Gain access to more than 92,000 trading partner maps that are automatically updated free of charge with our Trading Partner Platform
  • Drive automation in your other key order channels by integrating Sage X3 with your eCommerce storefront and leading online marketplaces


“Without our integrated 940s and 945s, lot tracking would be a very labor-intensive process. Also when you have to check every single line item to make sure the lots are matching there is a much greater chance for errors. Integrating EDI with Sage X3 takes away those concerns.”

Rob MacFarlane
EDI Analyst
SlimFast & HNS Global

Customer Success Stories

SlimFast & HNS Global

HNS Global Leverages TrueCommerce EDI for Sage X3 to Streamline a Major Acquisition Scenario and Automate Remote Warehouse Order Fulfillment

Origin Point Brands

Improved EDI Solution Accelerates Orders-to-Cash and Drives Greater Productivity at Origin Point Brands

Elmer Candy Corporation - Sage X3

Moving to Sage X3 drove the requirement to upgrade a heavily customized, multivendor EDI system to a unified, end-to-end EDI solution.

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