Automotive Supply Chain Digital Transformation

Reduce risk, disruptions and unplanned costs; start enjoying a supply chain that provides visibility and improves decision making


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Efficient Factory Assembly Line Producing Modern Cars in High Volume

For leading automotive manufacturers, traditional "supply chains" are giving way to a pressing need for solutions that address supply chain disruptions and unplanned costs. These challenges necessitate a strategic approach to managing information and data flow, aiming to improve collaboration, drive innovation, and mitigate financial risks among all trading partners. 

TrueAuto is leading supply chain digitization and automation of supply networks for businesses at every level of the global automotive industry. From the largest OEMs to the smallest tier suppliers and 3PL, automotive businesses are fueling profitable growth by becoming faster, smarter, and more efficient every day.  

Unified supply chains powered by TrueAuto enable automotive trading partners to meet ever-changing production demands and tighter product launch cycles while saving millions of dollars throughout the journey from forecast to cash. That’s what it means to keep the line moving. 

Automotive Supply Chain Digitization for Visualization

The route to a reliable, efficient supply chain process begins with end-to-end visibility through a seamless, integrated digital automotive supply network

The primary objective of auto manufacturers is to establish a reliable and efficient supply chain process that minimizes production risks and unexpected costs while adhering to the principle of "Don't Stop the Line."  

 The automotive supply chain digital transformation enables enhanced visibility not just into individual orders, parts, and shipments, but also across the entire predictive, planning, and customer fulfillment process. This seamless flow of information fosters collaborative innovation among all parties within the end-to-end manufacturing and fulfillment process, facilitating the identification of inefficiencies, automation of high-frequency tasks and decisions, acceleration of time to market, and prevention of unforeseen expenses—all while ensuring that the production line remains uninterrupted. 

Other key benefits of supply chain digitization include: 

  • Streamlined onboarding of new suppliers 
  • Predictive, proactive demand planning 
  • Optimal decision making  
  • Instant notifications of demand changes 
  • Faster, easier compliance with customer requirements 
  • Increased line output and efficiency 
  • Reduced inventory costs 
  • Faster, more profitable growth 



From Chaos to Clarity

Automotive OEMs, tier suppliers, and logistics providers are enhancing end-to-end visibility and early identification of potential risks to fulfillment and production lines, enabled by TrueAuto's supply chain digitization solutions. Here’s an in-depth exploration of these achievements:

Automotive OEMs 

TrueAuto is helping global OEMs meet market demand for faster introductions of new vehicle technologies, platforms, and models. Rather than further stress existing supply chain technologies and processes, leading OEMs have established digitized supply networks that identify gaps/inconsistencies that could lead to unplanned costs and disruption. 

Customer-reported results include: 

  • Improved forecasting 
  • Universal supplier compliance 
  • Procurement, production, and inventory savings 
  • Reduced transportation costs 
  • Elimination of production and shipping errors 

Tier Suppliers 

What if you could always know the status of every part for every customer, in real-time? Imagine never having to worry about shutting down a customer’s production line?  Automotive suppliers of all types and sizes are realizing these benefits through leading-edge supply chain digitization. 

TrueAuto is helping automotive suppliers become more valuable contributors to customer success while eliminating millions of dollars in supply chain inefficiencies and unplanned costs.  

TrueAuto can help your business capture these and other proven results: 

  • Reduced procurement, production, inventory, and transportation costs 
  • Resolution of chronic compliance issues 
  • Lower scrappage rates 
  • Improved forecasting 
  • Expansion into new categories and geographies 
  • Elimination of production and shipping errors 

Logistics Providers 

A fully digital supply network extends information exchange not only to production partners but also to connected 3PL, 4PL and other transportation providers. With access to accurate customer demand and production information, these partners can develop more cost-efficient transportation strategies that meet each customer’s unique requirements. TrueAuto helped one global automotive manufacturer reduce transportation costs by 60% by connecting and integrating key data streams with the provider’s transportation management system. 

By tying logistics partners into their digital supply networks, TrueAuto customers also enjoy access to real-time load visibility facilitated by leading logistics and transportation systems, including those tracking multi-modal shipments.