Supply Chain Visibility for Automotive

Enhance supply chain transparency with 3PL partners for improved transportation efficiency and compliance


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One of the enduring lessons in the automotive sector is that fragmented supply chains pose inherent vulnerabilities and result in unnecessary financial burdens. 

Mastering the tracking and management of every component throughout the automotive supply chain is critical for enhancing operational efficiency, reducing costs, and meeting the stringent requirements of OEMs. 

TrueAuto builds seamless, end-to-end digital supply networks for automotive businesses, ensuring real-time exchange, analysis and visibility of critical data that can impact cost and customer value – even when parts and/or vehicles are in transit. 

One language. One version of the truth.

Most logistics platforms don’t ‘speak’ automotive. TrueAuto bridges this gap, empowering manufacturers to optimize the flow of materials and finished products

3PL/4PLs use powerful transportation management and load optimization systems to provide exceptional visibility, flexibility, and cost-efficiency to their customers. Unfortunately, most of these systems are not natively designed to meet the distinct requirements of automotive OEMs and suppliers, neither are they able to talk to the extensive array of ERP/WMS systems utilized by suppliers and OEMs. 

TrueAuto translates automotive data into a format that enables all integrated supply chain systems to exchange critical demand, production, and transportation intelligence. This propels your supply chain into the future, opening the door to a vast range of benefits, including: 

  • Instant, early short-ship alerts 
  • Transition to lean inventory model 
  • Real-time visibility, port to port and port to destination 
  • Automated multi-modal, finished-vehicle logistics 
  • Detention tracking and cost recovery 
  • Reduced transportation costs 
  • Elimination of shipping errors 
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Transportation Intelligence Redefined

The world’s most agile, sustainable, and efficient supply networks use digital technologies to leverage the unique capabilities of premier 3PL, 4PL and other transportation providers. Here’s how TrueAuto helps automotive businesses realize the same competitive benefits:

Automotive OEMs 

TrueAuto eliminates the blind spots that prevent automotive supply networks from operating at peak efficiency. By integrating 3PL, 4PL and other partners into the flow of critical supply chain intelligence, leading OEMs have not only gained deep, real-time visibility into every raw material, part and finished vehicle – they’ve accessed a world of new ways to increase speed to market, reduce costs, and eliminate unwanted surprises. 

Here’s how automotive logistics interconnectivity is transforming our OEM customers’ businesses: 

  • Early, instant alerts to supply deviations 
  • Elimination of unscheduled line shutdowns 
  • Consolidation of supplier loads and deliveries 
  • Simplified dock management 
  • Use of cross-docking to mitigate shipment complexity and cost 
  • Reduced inventories 
  • Improved on-time delivery to finishers and customers 
  • Elimination of shipping errors 

Tier Suppliers 

TrueAuto enables the creation of seamless, end-to-end digital supply networks that help suppliers become more valuable to every customer. Forget lost parts! The focus is now on collaborating with logistics providers to achieve OEM compliance at a much lower cost. 

TrueAuto is helping tier suppliers leverage these and other leading-edge logistics capabilities for increased success:  

  • Multi-modal and multi-step logistics 
  • Cumulative management 
  • Multi-supplier load consolidation 
  • Detention monitoring and cost recovery 
  • Lean inventory strategies 
  • Reverse logistics for product packaging and racks 
  • Optimized load planning by product size/weight 

Logistics Providers 

Automotive is one of the world’s largest and most complex industries. Given its unique process requirements, this vast market is closed to many logistics and transportation providers due to the limitations of their technology platforms. 

By harnessing advanced digital integration, multimodal logistics solutions, and fostering collaboration across the supply chain, TrueAuto enables auto manufacturers to overcome these technological limitations. They're able to tap into the vast automotive market, ensuring seamless operations, enhanced efficiency, and compliance with the industry's stringent standards, opening new avenues for logistics and transportation providers previously constrained by their existing systems.