Increasingly buying organisations require suppliers to implement Punchout technology in their B2B eCommerce solution. The TrueCommerce B2B eCommerce solution, enables you to meet this increasingly common requirement and use it as a competitive advantage.

The removal of double entry and rekeying through the use of Punchout improves accuracy, streamlines the procurement process and increases supply chain efficiency, whilst reducing your customers’ costs – on average by 10%.

What is Punchout?

Punchout technology seamlessly integrates your customers’ procurement system (e.g. SAP, Oracle etc.) with your B2B eCommerce solution. Buyers browse and add products on your website, however the purchase is then seamlessly transferred to their procurement system, where it goes through the normal requisition, purchase order acceptance and sales order generation process.



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Win new business

Many large organisations favour suppliers who have a B2B eCommerce solution which has Punchout functionality. Gain a competitive advantage over suppliers who only offer standard eCommerce functionality.

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Increase sales and order value

A key presence on your customers’ procurement system is crucial in maximising sales, particularly as many companies now only allow purchases from approved suppliers.

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Improve customer retention

The ability to provide Punchout improves customer satisfaction and ultimately makes you sticky! Integration between your B2B eCommerce solution and your customers’ systems helps you build and cement long term relationships, reducing the likelihood of you losing their business.

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Reduce administration costs

Streamlining the procurement process benefits both you and your customers by removing the manual input associated with traditional procurement methods.

eCommerce Punchout refers to the internal communication between a company’s procurement systems and it’s suppliers through the sellers eCommerce platform.

A Punchout catalog is a tool for buyers to purchase items directly from a supplier's website or eProcurement system. Sellers can customise their Punchout catalog to show discounts or prices that have been agreed with their customers. This improves the buyers experience as they can use a single-platform process for purchasing, as the supplier's Punchout catalogs are integrated into the buyer's own purchasing application.

Punchout facilitates easier online buying by seamlessly integrating your customers’ procurement system (e.g. SAP, Oracle etc.) with your B2B eCommerce solution. Punchout provides paperless handling of requisitions, purchase order acceptance and sales order generation which ultimately saves your customer money, thus providing you with an advantage over your competitors who just have standard ecommerce functionality.

B2B Punchout refers to the strategy that large organisations use to buy products from their suppliers. Often this is to streamline purchasing and procurement processes with the added security of processing transactions within a specialised purchasing platform.


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