Omnichannel Retailing: How to Get Started

Ryan Tierney
December 22, 2021 -
Omnichannel retailing isn’t just the future of commerce. It’s something that customers already expect in their shopping experience. According to a 2017 study, 73% of shoppers use multiple channels during their shopping journey. We can only assume...

Top 10 eCommerce Trends to Look For in 2022

Steve Norris
December 16, 2021 -
With each new year comes a new opportunity to examine eCommerce trends with a wiser, analytically driven eye. We can look back to the trends that have come and gone, and we can make informed projections based on what we’ve learned, combined with a...

New Year, New Products: How to Handle Post-Holiday Returns

Josh Wayne
December 1, 2021 -
In a 2021 study, consumers shared truly shocking revelations about post-holiday returns. A staggering 42% of holiday shoppers already plan on returning some, if not all, of their holiday gifts this year. And 46% of them, if faced with a poor return...

What 2021's Grocery Trends Mean for Food and Beverage Brands

Brian Lindner
November 11, 2021 -
For those of us whose businesses depend on a reliable supply chain, “the new normal” is a comfortless phrase. The pandemic left no industry untouched by supply chain disruption, and it has left businesses wondering what hoops they will have to jump...

How to Build Your Black Friday eCommerce Strategy

Steve Norris
October 20, 2021 -
The holidays are right around the corner and experts have projected that consumer spending will total around $17 billion between Thanksgiving and Black Friday this year. This tells us a few things, namely that the pandemic has not slowed the fairly...