Health and Beauty Manufacturing


Revitalize Your Health and Beauty Supply Chain with Integrated Solutions

Health and beauty businesses face more demands from retailers and consumers than ever before. In addition to a wide selection of products, today’s brands are also expected to be accessible and sustainable, with free and fast shipping. To keep shelves stocked with popular items, retailers have a litany of requirements for vendors, including compliance mandates and tight delivery timeframes. To add to these challenges, health and beauty products are influenced by ever changing trends; while some products go viral, others can fall flat. 

Managing a complex supply chain while meeting consumer needs requires speed, agility, and visibility that you can’t get by relying on manual processes. To stay ahead, your business must leverage integrations that eliminate delays while providing the data you need to make strategic decisions. TrueCommerce’s innovative Foundry Platform offers a unified commerce solution that lets you manage your entire supply chain via a single interface, and automates key processes, from EDI to eCommerce to fulfillment. With powerful capabilities and expert-backed support, you’ll be able to scale your business with confidence. 

Create a Foundation of Connectivity

The base of a successful supply chain is the ability to effortlessly communicate data between your internal systems and external supply and demand channels. 

  • Join a global commerce network of more than 120,000 pre-connected suppliers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, 3PLs and more 
  • Streamline supplier communications with a top-rated supplier enablement platform 
  • Get the real-time data you need to make fast decisions and keep up with market changes 

Build Stronger Trade Relationships

Retailers face immense pressure to have popular products in stock all the time. With integrated technology, you can make your business into a stand-out partner.

Grow Your Sustainability Efforts

Sustainability is top of mind for your customers, and with the right technology, you can cut down on waste and carbon emissions throughout your supply chain. 

  • Integrated EDI eliminates the need for paper order documents, saving thousands of sheets of paper per year 
  • Vendor managed inventory cuts down on overproduction and excess stock, while optimizing truckloads 
  • Reporting and analytics offer insights into your supply chain operations, so you can find new sustainability opportunities   

Energize Order Processing

No matter where your orders come from, you need to be able to deliver the right products quickly to ensure customer satisfaction. 

  • Bring order data from all your channels directly to your ERP to jumpstart the fulfillment process 
  • Ensure shipment accuracy with the help of automation
  • Easily handle order spikes with a flexible, cloud-based solution
  • Connect with over 60 carriers around the world, including UPS, FedEx, USPS, Canada Post and more

Highlight Your Products Online

eCommerce is one trend that’s not going away anytime soon. Take advantage of eCommerce technologies to reach your audience wherever they are online. 

  • Marketplace integrations let you easily sell via Amazon, Walmart Marketplace, Facebook Marketplace, and more than 100 other online platforms 
  • Powerful eCommerce integrations connect directly with popular storefront platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento (now Adobe Commerce)