Whitepaper: The Three Stages of EDI Adoption  


Background info: EDI is a tool that enables growth by streamlining internal processes, reducing dependence on manual tasks, and allowing staff to refocus time on other areas of the business. It accounts for over $4 trillion in sales for manufacturers per year alone in the US. However, many of these businesses are not utilizing the tool to its full potential. By only investing in EDI to meet customers’ requirements and secure contracts, organizations are losing efficiency and missing out on the many other benefits of a fully digital system.   

Whitepaper overview:     

To help businesses maximize the potential of their EDI systems, we have curated a whitepaper that outlines the primary stages of EDI adoption and the benefits that a company can expect as that investment matures. Our whitepaper covers the following:    

  • EDI compliance 
  • Growth and benefits of EDI 
  • Optimized EDI for Digitized Supply Chains 

Why EDI?    

Many organizations initially begin EDI adoption because it is mandated by their retail partnerships, usually with transaction-specific requirements that must be met to avoid chargebacks and penalties. However, implementing EDI solutions also enhances efficiency by automatically facilitating day-to-day data management operations and reducing manual tasks. 

Why integrate with ERP systems?   

By streamlining administrative tasks that can quickly overwhelm internal teams, integration with ERP systems enables businesses to focus on strategic priorities and let their EDI solution manage cumbersome, time-consuming tasks. Additionally, being able to seamlessly communicate business messages and then view this data within back-office systems allows businesses to stay ahead of the competition. 

Moving from Stage 1 to Stage 3  

As part of this valuable whitepaper, we outline how to move from Stage 1 to Stage 3 more quickly so businesses can realize ROI faster and grow through the same solution. This process includes selecting an integrated, cloud-based solution that considers:     

  • Fully managed EDI services 
  • Scaling your business through EDI 
  • ERP integration 
  • Data security 
  • What to look for in an EDI provider     

At TrueCommerce, we help businesses scale their EDI usage and capabilities all through the same solution, meaning we help accelerate a business’s technical maturity and allow them to realize the full benefits of their EDI solution. 

For many businesses, the most challenging thing about scaling their EDI solution is onboarding new customers onto their network. TrueCommerce has a global commerce network with over 180,000 pre-configured trading partner maps, including retailers, distributors, and logistics service providers, so you can quickly and easily connect to your entire supply chain. 

Whether you’re at the onset of your journey or already automating key areas of your supply chain through EDI, TrueCommerce can help. With decades of expertise in EDI across industries and business types, we understand the complexities and advantages of a properly implemented EDI strategy.    

Download our whitepaper to learn how to navigate the stages of EDI adoption and view other EDI success stories.