Simple Compliance with Trading Partner Customers That is Easy to Maintain

Need to add a new trading partner? With TrueCommerce, adding new trading partners is as simple as auto-connecting a new Trading Partner Map. Our Trading Partner Maps are plug-ins that automatically format your outbound EDI transactions so that they exactly match and comply with each trading partner’s unique requirements.

Each Trading Partner Map handles all the EDI documents required for EDI compliance with that particular trading partner. In the unlikely event that you need to transact EDI documents with a partner that our platform doesn’t currently support, we’ll create a new Trading Partner Map for you in about two weeks.

Maintaining EDI capability with your trading partner couldn’t be easier with the TrueCommerce trading partner platform. If one of your trading partners changes its EDI mapping specifications, you don’t have to worry about it. We automatically update Trading Partner Maps in our global trading partner network for you as a part of our ongoing managed service.

List of Trading Partner Maps

To view trading partners connected to our platform, select the first letter or number of the partner’s name from the list below. For example, to learn about Ace Hardware’s EDI compliance requirements, click “A.” 

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