Realise the efficiencies of customer self-service

The TrueCommerce Netalogue B2B eCommerce software solution provides deep integration into your internal systems allowing your customers to self-service many aspects of their relationship with you, increasing efficiencies and reducing your costs.

Tablet and smartphone screens showing an example of online account management

Move order management online

One of the most substantial cost reductions of establishing B2B eCommerce is moving order management from the phone to online. The automation of this account management process can deliver dramatic savings but it's not always easy to encourage customers to make the move. The best way to tempt customers into the digital world is by offering a better experience when using that channel and that's where tools like order tracking can really help. Not only does it show your business to be transparent, trustworthy and professional but customers are likely to manage their accounts online and this encourages repeat orders whilst reducing internal overheads.


Computer screen showing an example of how to make reselling easy

Make reselling easy

Many goods purchased from a B2B eCommerce site are with resale in mind and this aspect of a B2B sales model often makes up a large part of a business. The TrueCommerce solution makes managing this process easy by providing categorised and accessible imagery and product data which can then be used to populate their system without your marketing team having to spend time collating and sending out data on a regular basis.


Laptop screen showing an example of self service order management

Don't just sell online, do business online with self-service

The most substantial efficiencies are often delivered through a self-service model whereby customers can access and conduct all their post sales activities through their account online. Managing account finances, returns, back orders, obtaining copy invoices and live statements of account are all tasks that can easily be automated online through a B2B eCommerce platform.

The platform also allows your customers to instantly view and pay invoices online by credit card which reduces their account balance allowing them to place new orders without the involvement of your finance or sales team.


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