Quick Start B2B eCommerce

Quick Start B2B eCommerce

Leverage the benefits of B2B ecommerce with your customers quickly and easily

The quick start solution allows your business to get up and running with all the core features of eCommerce in a short space of time. This solution includes all the core functionality needed to start trading with your customers and is packaged into an easily deployable platform providing a cost effective solution.

The quick start solution allows you to benefit from the hundreds of features including those listed below, whilst providing the option to upgrade to the Complete B2B eCommerce solution for access to advanced functionality.


A full price mapping engine
Allowing you to offer customer specific product catalogues and pricing

Integration to EDI, ERP and CRM systems
Integrate order data to your internal systems, allowing new orders to instantly be processed.

Multiple payment options
Quotation management, contract order pads, BACs payments and payment in instalments are all available.

Promotions and loyalty engine
Optimise revenues and reward your best customers using a flexible promotions and loyalty engine.

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