How to Choose an EDI Provider?

Choosing an EDI provider does not have to be a painful process if you know what to look for

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Choosing an EDI provider for the first time can be confusing for many companies. In fact, switching to a new EDI provider can be just as daunting due to the business-critical nature of EDI. However, choosing an EDI provider does not have to be a painful process if you know what to look for….

1. Are existing customers willing to speak to prospective clients? Are case studies available?

2. Can the solution integrate you with your trading partners irrespective of their technical capabilities, connection protocols, data formats and back-office systems?

3. How scalable is the solution in terms of usage/volume/functionality?

4. Is the implementation and onboarding process managed on your behalf? Will you receive a project plan, including timelines?

5. What is included in the service? Will the EDI provider look after mapping and conduct thorough testing?

6. What levels of support are available? Is full support available 24/7? What are the costs?

7. How stable and reliable is the solution? What SLA is guaranteed?

8. How secure is the solution? Does it meet the necessary standards?

9. Is the price fixed or variable? What does it include? Are there any upfront or hidden costs?

10. Does the provider simply offer basic EDI or is there any additional functionality, for example, business activity monitoring (BAM) and supplier performance management?