What is a Mandatory purchase promotion?

As part of an intelligent eCommerce solution, all promotional offers can be configured to meet individual price lists and by working in conjunction, build up incentives to encourage customer spend.


Companies using the TrueCommerce B2B eCommerce solution can levy intelligent promotions which go beyond traditional promotions and work by introducing the customer to a completely new product which they didn’t realise they needed.

Within the solution, companies can include a mandatory ‘must buy’ product, the obligatory purchase which unlocks a promotion includes an item which the consumer didn’t previously need or want, however, by leveraging tools such as these enables companies to offer new products to their consumers quickly and efficiently. By introducing your target market to previously unheard of products, it enables TrueCommerce customers to leverage a demand for new products with little expenditure, in addition it makes it easier to shape customer buying habits around your products.


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