CPG Manufacturing


Software Solutions for CPG Manufacturers

From cosmetics, to over-the-counter medicines, to household products and foods and beverages, consumer packaged goods play a vital role in our everyday lives. Because these products are fast movers, CPG manufacturers need to stay alert to consumer demand changes in order to keep retail shelves full. At the same time, continued expansion in eCommerce sales has pushed CPG brands to establish online identities, provide drop ship support for etailers, and even sell directly to consumers. 

Managing the needs of wholesalers, distributors, retailers, specialty businesses and consumers across multiple channels and routes to market presents a significant challenge for CPG manufacturing companies. Without connected technology, many brands struggle to keep up with increasing sales volumes while ensuring delivery speed and accuracy for all their customers. And in such a highly competitive industry, those who don’t stay ahead, quickly fall behind. 

TrueCommerce’s integrated supply chain solutions for CPG manufacturing offer a simpler way to manage orders, no matter what channel they come from. By connecting your demand streams to your ERP systems, CPG manufacturers can quickly and accurately process new orders, send key documents to retailers, maintain accurate inventories online, choose the best rates from 60+ global carriers, and deliver more quickly, to keep consumers coming back for more. 

Unite Your Supply Chain 

Juggling disparate systems and relying on manual data entry for communications creates a slow, error-prone supply chain. TrueCommerce’s integrated systems let you manage all your supply and demand channels from one unified platform. 

  • Integrated EDI connects to dozens of top ERP systems for seamless transaction flow 
  • A global network of more than 160,000 pre-connected businesses makes it easy to connect with trading partners 
  • End-to-end visibility creates real-time transparency, and increases supply chain resilience 
  • Automated data flow creates a single enterprise version of truth across your supply chain 

Strengthen Your Retail Relationships 

In today’s global market, retailers need CPG suppliers who can comply with complex document requirements, meet tight delivery timeframes, and provide next-generation service levels. 

  • Cloud-based EDI enables rapid communications, including purchase order acknowledgements, advance ship notices, invoices, and more 
  • Automated data flows ensure accuracy to reduce chargebacks, while eliminating delays 
  • Vendor Managed Inventory helps keep shelves stocked, while minimizing retailer inventory investments 
  • Drop ship support enables you to deliver goods on a retailer’s behalf, offering another revenue opportunity 

Deliver on Delivery 

With global leaders like Amazon leading the way, fast, convenient shipping has become a staple of B2C commerce. In the same way, retailers now expect CPG manufacturers to be swift and accurate in order and replenishment delivery.  

  • Connect with more than 60 global carriers, set carrier preferences for retail customers, or rate shop for cost-effective shipping options 
  • Process orders quickly with batch processing simple processing and streamlined automation 
  • Reduce shipment errors with pack verification and address-level validation 
  • Optimize your shipments packing software that helps you choose the best box, minimizing wasted space and materials 

Sell Through More Online Channels 

Digital commerce is at the heart of many CPG purchases, be they from marketplaces like Amazon, retail websites like Walmart.com or Target.com, or manufacturer eCommerce storefronts. 

  • Marketplace integrations let you oversee numerous marketplaces via a single interface, eliminating the need for seller portals 
  • Innovative eCommerce integrations sync inventory and orders from your digital commerce storefront 
  • Integration with your ERP automatically creates new customers from digital orders

Keep Moving Forward 

CPG manufacturers are at the forefront of supply chain advancements, which means it’s crucial to have technology that will grow with your business—not hold it back. 

  • A cloud-based infrastructure offers exceptional scalability that easily handles both steady growth and demand spikes 
  • Near real-time data helps manufacturers stay agile during demand shifts, keep products adequately stocked, and stay in tune with suppliers and customers 
  • Powerful analytics across multiple functionalities offer actionable insights to continually improve supply chain operations 
  • unified commerce solution enables brands to grow their capabilities without managing multiple providers