Fashion and Apparel Manufacturing


Knit a More Connected Fashion Supply Chain with Integrated Solutions from TrueCommerce

As a fashion manufacturer, you’re well aware that what’s “in” can change at the drop of a hat. Balancing continuous new product creation, multiple sales channels, a global supply chain, and volatile market demands is hard enough. Doing all that while juggling disjointed systems and relying on manual data entry? It just doesn’t work.

Today’s consumers have more ways than ever to find the perfect piece of clothing or accessory, and they want their orders to be delivered fast. To keep up, fashion manufacturers need to create agile supply chains that can quickly respond to demand changes, while making it easy to manage a huge number of products that change frequently. Unified commerce solutions from TrueCommerce automate key processes in your supply chain while connecting everything from eCommerce to retail channels, so you can spend less time at the keyboard and more time designing your next runway hit.

Connectivity is the New Black

Manual processes and disjointed channels slow down your supply chain and can produce costly errors. Automation and integration solve these issues, giving your business an optimized supply chain.

  • Integrated solution works with more than 25 of today’s top ERP systems 
  • A global commerce network of 160,000+ trading partners makes it easy to expand your footprint 
  • Electronic data interchange (EDI) automatically exchanges key order documents with trading partners 
  • Unified commerce platform brings all your supply chain management applications to a single user interface 

Order Processing for a Digital World 

To meet consumer demands for fast shipping, fashion manufacturers need to be able to process orders quickly and accurately.

  • Integrated EDI brings order data directly to your ERP system to jumpstart fulfillment
  • ASN automation sends shipment data quickly to keep retailers and consumers informed
  • Product quantity and type verification, plus address-level shipping validation reduce returns
  • Batch shipping and simple shipping quickly process large volumes of orders

eCommerce Features You’ll Love 

An eCommerce storefront is a great way to connect directly with consumers, spread brand awareness and build your online sales. Our eCommerce platform lets you create an online shopping experience that fits your brand like a glove.

  • Image galleries, product reviews, and powerful search filters help customers find exactly what they want
  • Subscription management and loyalty programs let you build lasting customer relationships
  • Social media sharing buttons let your customers show off their latest purchase
  • “Notify me when available” feature automatically emails customers when popular items are back in stock

A Stocked Shelf is a Profitable Shelf 

Clothing and accessories sell fast, and stockouts can impact your reputation with consumers and retailers. Vendor managed inventory helps improve on-shelf availability while cutting costs.

  • Store-level forecasting builds suggested replenishment orders that maximize turns while preventing overstocking
  • Item Stratification lets you replenish different products based on different factors, like min/max shelf settings, DOS requirements, and more
  • Advanced options like promotion management and phase-in-phase provide additional inventory control
  • Support for multiple routes to market, like multi-stop, cross-dock, and direct-to-store deliver make it easy to work with a variety of partners

Even More Ways to Sell

Omnichannel is the name of the game in fashion but managing all those sales avenues can quickly overwhelm your business. TrueCommerce’s platform brings all your channels together for omnichannel success—without all the headaches.

  • Marketplace connections enable you to sell on popular fashion sites like Amazon, Zalando, 11 Main, Anthropologie, and more
  • Drop Shipping support includes pack optimization, branded label printing, and more to meet retailer mandates