Health and Beauty Wholesale

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Invigorate Your Health and Beauty Supply Chain with Unified Commerce

With consumer expectations higher than ever, health and beauty wholesalers and suppliers face increased pressure from retail partners to keep shelves well stocked. But meeting those demands while also balancing a complex global supply chain and a diverse supplier community can be difficult. If your business is struggling with inefficiencies, a lack of transparency, or costly shipping errors, you are not alone. 

At TrueCommerce, we understand the burdens you face as a health and beauty distributor. That’s why our solutions are purpose-built to simplify supply chain management, while helping you scale your business. Backed by the power of integration, the TrueCommerce Foundry Platform offers a suite of applications for everything from EDI, to eCommerce, to packing and shipping. By bringing all your channels together into a single interface, you’ll be able to take your business in any direction you want. 

Connect to a Global Community

To maintain your competitive edge, your health and beauty business needs to be able to connect and communicate with a global network of other brands, retailers, and channels. 

  • Join a global network of more than 120,000 pre-connected suppliers, retailers, brokers, 3PLs, and more 
  • Rate shop from more than 60 local, regional, national, and international carriers 
  • Enjoy plug-and-play connectivity with integrations that support more than 25 leading ERPs 
  • Leverage real-time visibility into your supply chain to make strategic business decisions 

Embrace the Power of B2B eCommerce

eCommerce isn’t just for consumers; your retail customers want easy access to your product catalog, and convenient ways to place orders. 

  • A user-friendly B2B storefront offers business buyers the same B2C shopping experience they expect online 
  • Limitless segmentation lets you create personalized experiences, including special pricing, category and product visibility, and shipping options by customer type 
  • Multiple Ship-to functionality enables retail customers order for multiple locations at the same time 
  • Online quoting makes it easy to provide custom quotes for larger purchases 

Activate Faster Order Processing

B2B buyers expect their orders to arrive on-time, in full. Automation eliminates delays and errors to help you achieve high vendor scorecard ratings. 

  • Integrated, compliant EDI sends order data directly to your ERP, and automatically transmits PO Acknowledgements and ASNs to your customers 
  • Automatic data flows reduce processing time, while preventing typos and other order errors 
  • Configurable shipping automation easily processes large order volumes for faster fulfillment 
  • Pack verification and address validation ensure the right products arrive at the right destination 

Strengthen Your Supplier Relationships

Health and beauty manufacturers vary wildly in size and technical capabilities. To support your diverse supplier community, without overwhelming your internal resources, you need the right technology. 

  • Accept EDI, XML, CSV, and other flat file formats, and transform them to meet your ERP standards 
  • Provide an EDI web portal for non-EDI suppliers to create and send PO acknowledgements, ASN, and other key documents 
  • Transform unstructured data from PDFs and emails automatically to eliminate tedious retyping 
  • Start trading with new suppliers quickly with a fully managed, proven onboarding process 

Balance Your Inventory

Understocking or overstocking can leave a bad impression with the health and beauty retailers you serve. Vendor managed inventory gives you the data and automation you need to optimize replenishment. 

  • Automated system uses product activity data to recommend optimized replenishment orders you can start processing with the push of a button 
  • Real-time sales information helps your business respond to changes in consumer demand 
  • Store-level sales enable you to identify fast-movers, and allocate your inventory for higher sales 
  • Minimum shelf presence triggers replenishment orders automatically to cut lead times and prevent stockouts