Industrial Manufacturing


Create a Resilient, Agile Supply Chain with Integrated, Automated Solutions 

Industrial manufacturing lays the foundation for businesses of all types in almost every industry. To cater to the needs of diverse customers, today’s industrial manufacturers need to have a constant eye on their supply chain, from procurement, to production, or order fulfillment. When managing a complex, global supply chain, manual processes like data entry, email, phone calls and paper invoicing are simply no longer enough. 

Today, integration is no longer a “nice to have,” but a business necessity for industrial manufacturers. Integrated technology prevents communication breakdowns by automating data flows that ensure accuracy and visibility from one end of your supply chain to the other. In doing so, integrations protect your business from the negative impacts of processing delays and mistakes, while giving your manufacturing business the efficiencies you need to grow. 

TrueCommerce’s integrated supply chain solutions are powered by the innovative Foundry Platform, a unified commerce platform that brings all your channels into a single, unified view. With applications for EDI, eCommerce, and marketplace selling that connect to 25+ leading ERPs, you can strengthen existing customer relationships, and discover new opportunities. Tools for collaborative replenishment and supplier management create seamless communications on both ends of your supply chain. Add in the support of a fully managed service, and powerful analytics that drive improvements, and your brand is set up for success in every direction. 

Strengthen Your Trade Relationships 

Your business success relies on having the visibility and agility to quickly respond to market changes and fulfill customers’ needs. With connected solutions, you can leverage the power of real-time data to make smarter business decisions. 

  • Electronic Data Interchange integrates directly with your ERP, allowing you to send timely and accurate order documents to all your trading partners 
  • Automatic mapping updates ensure ongoing compliance with all your retail customers’ requirements 
  • Supplier enablement solution transforms data from emails, PDFs, XML, CSV, and other flat files into ERP-friendly EDI documents 
  • Rapid onboarding lets you begin trading with new vendors and buyers quickly 

Discover New Digital Opportunities 

The industrial eCommerce space continues to grow, offering new avenues for your business to connect with business buyers and consumers. Integrated technology makes it easy to engage through multiple channels.

  • Marketplace integrations allow you to sell via Amazon,, eBay, and 100+ other online marketplaces 
  • Powerful eCommerce integrations let you streamline orders from your digital storefront
  • Drop shipping support makes it easy to expand your product lines with e-tail partners, and maintain high vendor scores 

Save Time and Effort 

Inputting orders containing hundreds of SKUs can take significant man hours, reducing your business’s operational capacity. Automation removes duplicate efforts, so you can refocus your internal resources.

  • Bi-directional data flows eliminate redundant manual data entry 
  • Compliant EDI and automatic mapping updates keep your business compliant with retailer requirements 
  • Advanced automation capabilities let you configure seamless data workflows to meet your unique business needs 
  • Vendor Managed Inventory consolidates shipments to eliminate small, ad hoc orders, which also reduces transportation costs 

Reduce Your IT Burdens 

Managing multiple vendors, onboarding clients, and maintaining on-premises systems can drastically increase your IT overhead. With TrueCommerce’s fully managed service, you can eliminate IT workloads while scaling your business. 

  • Single-vendor solution simplifies support interactions and system upgrades  
  • Fully managed service model includes communications monitoring, customer, and supplier onboarding, and more 
  • User-friendly system and fully managed onboarding minimize time spent in training 
  • Cloud-based solutions don’t require on-site hardware or software maintenance