How to Overcome Key CPG eCommerce Challenges

Craig Ross
September 15, 2021 -
The increase of online buying in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry didn't start with the advent of the COVID-19 crisis. ECommerce retail sales have been rising steadily in the U.S. since 2009 at an increase of 1% each year, according to...

Advanced VMI: Item Stratification

Doug Bethea
May 5, 2021 -
In the ideal land of items, they are all equal – those who fly off the shelves and those who linger. In real life, however, they are stratified according to demand to give your customers what they need, when they need it – a key to lower inventories...

Advanced VMI: How to Improve On-Shelf Availability

Brian Lindner
January 13, 2021 -
Here’s a truth universally accepted by suppliers and retailers: An empty shelf bringeth no sales. No one wants in-store shoppers to encounter that lonely shelf tag for their favorite item with no goods stocked above it. When a consumer goes down the...

How VMI is Keeping CPG Products on Shelves

Brian Lindner
May 4, 2020 -
Today’s ongoing shutdowns and stay-at-home orders have impacted every consumer industry, from fashion to farming, to technology. Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) are no exception, but the swings in consumer behavior in this industry are both massive and...