TrueCommerce Integrations with SAP

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Integrate Everything from EDI, to Digital Storefronts and Marketplaces, to Fulfillment, to SAP, and to Whatever Comes Next

To succeed in today ‘s increasingly competitive omni-channel world, supply chain companies must integrate and automate document processing across their most strategic channels and trading partner relationships-giving them an opportunity to improve efficiency and customer service levels while significantly lowering operating costs.

As the most complete way to connect your business across the supply chain, TrueCommerce offers SAP users an extensive range of integrations to enhance performance and eliminate manual effort in key channels. These include:

By leveraging the TrueCommerce Trading Partner Platform, you can grow your business in every direction while adding value to your SAP investments.

Integrated EDI

TrueCommerce provides everything you need to implement integrated EDI for SAP for either Business One or SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC):

  • Automate the exchange of inbound and outbound order, invoice and shipment documents with suppliers, vendors and 3PLs using current business workflows 
  • Ensure seamless compliance with all your trading partners’ EDI requirements

Seamless Integration

  • Supports SAP IDOC formats for a seamless integration
  • Supports the X12, EDIFACT, TRADACOM and XML document standards

An Investment that Pays for Itself

  • Cut costs, accelerate the order-to-cash cycle, improve supply chain responsiveness, enhance productivity and scale efficiently to handle higher transaction volumes or seasonal peaks
  • Decrease fulfillment costs, improve order management efficiency and meet changing business needs with a true, cloud-based EDI service from one trusted source
  • Award-winning, US-based customer support at no extra charge
  • No annual contracts or maintenance fees

The TrueCommerce Amazon Marketplace integration automates everything that we can do outside Amazon ‘s portal, which eliminates manual steps and saves us a lot of time-it ‘s invaluable.

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Automate Marketplace Order Processing

  • Automate the transfer of time-sensitive data between SAP and marketplaces
  • Integrated transactions include inbound orders from marketplaces, and outbound inventory and fulfillments from SAP
  • Automatically create new customers in SAP from inbound marketplace orders
  • Manage multiple marketplaces in one system, eliminating the need to jump between marketplace-specific portals

Automate eCommerce Order Processing

TrueCommerce enables your brand to exchange order data automatically between your SAP environment and leading eCommerce storefront(s).

  • SAP eCommerce integration supports popular eCommerce platforms like Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify 
  • Transfer order and customer information automatically from your web store to SAP, send timely shipping and tracking data to buyers via your online store, and sync inventory between SAP and your online channel-all without retyping!
  • Cut fulfillment time and operating cost to instantly improve customer experience, increase profitability and scale up to meet your growing online order volume

Grow Your Business with Drop Shipping

  • Take advantage of integrated drop shipping solutions to comply with trading partner needs, like tight shipping timeframes and branded packing slips 
  • Join a network of over 250 active dropship programs from trading partners like Walmart, Amazon, Target and more
  • Automatically transmit order and fulfillment data to your ERP for rapid delivery
  • Set up shipping processes for multiple trading partners for automated fulfillment


Email and Fax Order Automation

  • Reduce time spent rekeying, and enable your employees to focus on higher-level tasks  
  • Easily meet tight delivery timeframes and increase your vendor scorecard  
  • Integrate orders from faxes and emails directly into your business system 
  • Automatically digitize and standardize order data to accelerate your order processing