Storefront Integration for Dynamics 365 BC

For many brands, the eCommerce channel is increasingly important for maintaining and growing sales, revenue and market share. But success online isn’t just about product and pricing—it’s about the customer experience. To deliver a competitive customer experience online, you need to minimize order lead times and maintain accurate pricing and inventory information on your storefront. Managing these business processes manually is too time-consuming and error prone—you need automation.

TrueCommerce offers integration between your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system and leading eCommerce storefronts, including Shopify, Magento (Adobe Commerce), BigCommerce and WooCommerce. Now you can automatically exchange order, customer and inventory data between your online storefront and Dynamics 365 BC, eliminating delays and tedious retyping.

Timely, accurate and automated data integration between your online storefront and Dynamics 365 BC means faster order processing, reduced likelihood of errors, and fewer disappointed customers due to out-of-date product availability information online. In short: an improved customer experience and reduced labor cost, leading to more sales, more return business, and stronger profits from your eCommerce platform.

TrueCommerce Storefront Integration

Integrate with Leading Storefront Platforms

Move order, shipment and customer data automatically between Dynamics 365 and leading eCommerce storefronts:

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Keeping Your Customer Promise for A Better Customer Experience

  • Faster order processing: Transmit order and customer information automatically from your online store to Dynamics 365 BC when orders are placed, to shorten order processing time
  • Quality & efficiency: Eliminate embarrassing shipping errors and delays caused by order entry issues

Happier Customers
  • Automated order status updates: Keep buyers informed about the status of their orders so they don’t have to request updates from you by automatically sending relevant information to your storefront from Dynamics 365 BC
  • Consistent pricing & inventory: Update pricing and inventory on your storefront as often as you need to in order to keep accurate inventory data


“TrueCommerce Nexternal integrates with our UPS shipping system so the customer knows the exact shipping charge when they place their order. Nexternal also automatically emails customers their tracking numbers, which is really helpful for keeping customers informed so they don’t have to keep contacting us.”   

Jason Harding, Director of Aftermarket Operations, Katech


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC Integrations

Connect to new customers with these TrueCommerce integrations:

  • Integrate with 100+ Marketplaces: Walmart, Amazon, NewEgg, and 100+ More
  • Match Requirements Across the Supply Chain: Meet the requirements of leading retailers, distributors, etc. with integrated TrueCommerce EDI for Dynamics 365 BC
  • Simplify drop shipping: Expand your digital footprint with integrations for 250+ drop shipping retailer programs


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