Fashion Wholesale and Distribution


Get Integrated, Automated Solutions Designed for an Optimized Fashion Supply Chain 

Fashion wholesalers play a key role by connecting niche apparel brands to some of the biggest global retailers. However, balancing a supply chain with so many moving parts comes with plenty of challenges. In addition to managing huge scores of suppliers, fashion wholesalers and distributors also need to communicate with their DCs and 3PL partners and meet stringent retailer mandates. If that’s not enough, wholesalers also need to optimize a large, product-diverse inventory that is almost constantly changing with the seasons and consumer desires. 

Despite the high speed of the fashion market, many wholesalers still rely on disconnected systems to manage their supply chains, using data entry to move order data. In addition to huge overhead costs, these manual processes slow down order processing; at the same time, human error leads to costly typos. As a result, fashion wholesale supply chains end up with bottlenecks, capacity issues, increased returns and chargebacks, and disappointed customers. 

If those struggles sound familiar, you’re in the right place. TrueCommerce’s unified commerce Foundry Platform is tailored to fix fashion supply chain issues by integrating your omnichannel efforts with your internal systems/ Automation eliminates data entry and enables management by exception, so your team members spend less time typing and more time on top business priorities. EDI and eCommerce integrations make it easy to respond to customer orders. VMI puts inventory control in your hands. And a single, unified platform brings everything into one view, so you can effortlessly do business in every direction. 

Button Up Your Supply Chain 

Disconnected systems create holes in your supply chain that leave your business vulnerable. Integrated solutions give you the end-to-end visibility you need to stay competitive. 

  • Connect with a global network of more than 180,000+ suppliers, retailers, 3PLs, and carriers
  • Deliver order data to your ERP automatically, with integrations for 25+ leading ERPs
  • Exchange compliant EDI documents with all your trading partners
  • Leverage near real-time product activity data to make fast, strategic business decisions

Seamless Supplier Management 

You might work with dozens or hundreds of fashion brands that vary in size and technical maturity. Our supplier enablement solution transforms a variety of incoming documents into ERP-friendly data. 

  • Transform PDFs and emails into EDI documents to eliminate data entry
  • Let suppliers create ASNs, PO acknowledgments, and more with a user-friendly EDI web portal
  • Start trading with new suppliers fast with fully managed supplier onboarding 
  • Measure supplier compliance, fill rates, and other KPIs with rich analytics

In Stock Is in Style

Stockouts lead to frustrated customers and lost sales—but overstocking on fast-moving apparel products can leave you with unsalable goods. Vendor managed inventory harnesses the power of data to optimize your inventory. 

  • Harness the power of product activity data to create more accurate forecasts
  • Respond quickly to changes in demand to prevent stockouts
  • Increase sales and inventory turns while minimizing overstocking
  • Capitalize on advanced capabilities like allocation, item stratification, phase-in/phase-out, and more

More Support for Growth

To get the most out of your apparel supply chain, you need technology and support that grows with you. Our scalable solutions and expert support are purpose-built to help you stay competitive now and in the future.

  • Cloud-based solutions easily scale to meet sustained growth and manage spikes in demand
  • Continuous innovation from a cutting-edge provider helps you keep a competitive edge
  • Full data redundancy and a 99.9% uptime protect your supply chain operations
  • In-platform tutorials and guides, plus 24/7 customer service availability offer fast answers