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Thank you for participating in the EDI compliance process for Lucid Motors (compliance).

The DiCompliance Network,

TrueCommerce’s automated Supply chain EDI compliance solution, verifies both the accuracy of your raw EDI data structure and the mandatory data fields required by Lucid Motors Supply chain. We detail your test results, including segment and element errors. Our technical support staff is available to assist and advise you through any complexities, such as how to reflect your packing methods accurately in an ASN.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Register for a DiCompliance account to test Lucid Motors (compliance) .
  2. Login credentials has been sent via email.
  3. Download guidelines.

Document Testing Schedule and Pricing:

Please ensure you have registered and paid you registration fee $750. Compliance testing cannot progress without successful registration.

Your total amount due is $750

TrueCommerce Solutions Overview

At TrueCommerce we understand that EDI is MORE than just compliance. TrueCommerce pioneered multi-tenant SaaS (Software as a Service) as the preferred EDI platform to enable buyers, suppliers and logistics providers to seamlessly exchange data without costly investments in software or hardware. The TrueCommerce Next-Generation SaaS model empowers you to become fully EDI compliant with an easy-to-use web solution or to easily integrate Supply Chain data with your ERP or accounting system.

Trading information is shared easily with your partners through secure, role-based access authorization. With our proven history of turning EDI problems into cost savings and profit opportunity, we make EDI compliance painless.

TrueCommerce is the only certified EDI solution for your trading partner. If you cannot complete the testing within the testing period, or you are currently not capable of supporting the requirements, TrueCommerce can and will provide a solution to you.

Please contact [email protected] or call (281) 480-1121 ext 4.

Lucid Motors (compliance) Downloads

Please Note: there are no major changes reflected on June 10th specification updates. These are only clarifications and business rule changes.

Use these implementation guidelines and sample files as references to map your system to Lucid Motors (compliance) ‘s EDI requirements.

Training Guides