CaseStack combines VMI with retailer consolidation to streamline CPG replenishment


  • Leading CPG-focused logistics company expands consolidation service to include VMI for large retail customers
  • Datalliance VMI selected to provide platform and support services
  • Program delivers large-company replenishment services for lower volume niche, organic, regional and specialty items

TrueCommerce Datalliance Delivers

  • Retailer’s DOS reduced 20-25%
  • Service levels increased 10%
  • Sales of VMI-controlled items increased 10%

“With Datalliance providing a solid VMI foundation, suppliers, CaseStack and retailers have all collaborated at a level not possible in a non-VMI environment. The business results speak for themselves and we look forward to expanding this program to additional suppliers to further leverage the benefits.”

Brad Ducker
CaseStack’s Sr. Collaboration Manager for Kroger