Cathy’s Concepts Drives High-Volume Drop Shipping Speed and Accuracy with TrueCommerce



Deliver the efficiency and accuracy needed to support a 100% drop-shipping business model, even during peak periods where order volume more than triples


TrueCommerce EDI for Distribution One’s ERP-ONE business system seamlessly scales to support a fast-paced drop-shipping environment across peak periods and through onboarding new EDI trading partners


  • Automates processing of inbound EDI orders and outbound EDI invoices and advance shipping notices (ASNs) to save time, eliminate errors and reduce associated labor cost
  • Meets the specific EDI requirements of diverse retailers including marquee brands like Macy’s, Nordstrom, Bed Bath & Beyond, and more
  • Automatic, no-charge updates to trading partner EDI maps keep exceptions to a minimum
  • The TrueCommerce Scheduler add-on automatically imports and exports EDI documents to/from the business system, saving more time and further increasing automation
  • Enables the company to handle a large and growing drop-shipping transaction volume without adding staff

“Having to enter hundreds of orders by hand would take hours and require more staff, whereas with integrated EDI the orders are available to us instantly.”

Ryan Plew
Workflow Analyst,
Cathy’s Concept