Replace an EDI vendor with a market leader and trusted partner that would successfully collaborate on high-value strategic initiatives to position the business for long-term competitive advantage


Implement the TrueCommerce ecUtopia Platform integrated with an existing Jesta Vision Suite ERP Platform


  • Improved collaboration with vendors, including the ability to share analytics, helps optimize product availability
  • Three-way matching of POs, packing slips, and invoices enhances productivity across multiple departments
  • Automating manual processes allows staff to move from operational to customer-facing roles
  • Enhanced fulfillment visibility combined with exception reporting drives “meaningful business enablement”
  • New EDI-driven capabilities help cut shipping costs and lead times while optimizing inventory
  • Seamless integration automates the movement of EDI data in and out of Jesta’s Vision Suite ERP
  • EDI portal helps automate communication with smaller vendors that don’t use EDI

“Where we see the biggest initial return on our TrueCommerce investment is through improved collaboration with our largest vendors. We’re now able to provide them with support analytics that support their production and distributing planning and ultimately help ensure that we have the right products in the right place at the right time.”

Larry Waterman
Executive VP and COO