Compac Industries, Inc.



Automate order processing across eCommerce and EDI to reduce manual intervention, eliminate errors and support rapid, sustained growth.


Implement a robust, flexible integration between the TrueCommerce Global Commerce Network, Sage 50 and the customer’s eCommerce platform.


  • Fewer errors in the order fulfillment process
  • Faster, smoother and simpler order processing workflow
  • The ability to handle a rapid increase in online sales without a need to increase staff


  • Comprehensive integration that maximizes automation and eliminates the need to manually transfer data between the eCommerce platform and Sage 50
  • A unified commerce network that integrates eCommerce and EDI orders with Sage 50

“TrueCommerce’s key feature for us is its support for multiple price channels, because we have around six different price categories. We wanted to create one storefront, putting everything from both B2B and B2C levels on a single platform, without having to manage two different back-ends. Now multiple types of customers can access and buy across all our brands.”

Marcus Raven
Director of Marketing and Merchandising
Compac Industries