• VMI identified as a key enabler for “Customer First” program
  • Cumbersome legacy platform would not support cost-effective VMI program expansion
  • Transition to TrueCommerce Datalliance went smoothly while delivering consistent or better results for clients
  • TrueCommerce Datalliance has provided the ability to transform VMI from a transactional focus to a strategic program, and to cost-effectively expand program

TrueCommerce Datalliance VMI Delivers

  • VMI Analyst productivity significantly increased
  • VMI partners expand to 20 with more in process
  • Superior performance maintained at approx. 60 turns and 97% inventory levels

“Using TrueCommerce Datalliance, we have significantly increased our VMI program productivity. That change is enabling us to expand our program to more partners and more locations so we can realize the strategic benefits of VMI across a broader range of our business”

Jonathan Peltzer
Sr. Customer Solutions Manager