In line with an ERP migration from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365, implement a cost-effective, cloud-based, EDI integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365


Deploy modular TrueCommerce EDI for Microsoft Dynamics 365 to reduce implementation and testing effort and simplify ongoing EDI Maintenance


  • Deliver as a managed service, TrueCommerce EDI eliminates the need to maintain EDI trading partner mappings, which change frequently—a significant cost and time savings
  • Fully integrate EDI workflow maximizes automation and reduces the need for manual effort
  • Modular TrueCommerce EDI architecture to change ERP environments without impacting the core EDI application, eliminating the need to retest EDI connections with current trading partners during upgrade
  • Embedded user experience within Dynamics 365 makes EDI more convenient and user-friendly for business staff, reducing training requirements and accelerating everyday tasks

“When we researched a competitor’s EDI solution for Dynamics 365, we found that it would require heavy investment in an additional consultant to maintain the mappings. TrueCommerce does a great job with that maintenance and it’s something we do not need to worry about.”

Ven Grimblatov
IT Project Manager