How Two Established Brands Exceeded Results with Web-based EDI for Dynamics 365

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Oftentimes you may hear stories about workflows and how they helped a company maximize its automation process, or eliminated some sort of burdensome task. In this webinar, you’ll get to hear a TrueCommerce product expert introduce two Microsoft Dynamics 365 users who were able to experience less stress, expanded capabilities, and a reduction in ongoing maintenance simply by moving to a cloud-based ERP and selecting an EDI provider who integrated seamlessly with their environment. 

Given that these two Microsoft users were faced with a system migration, as well as an upgrade, you may personally find that you relate to their situation and find this information extremely valuable. In their particular case, they were specifically looking for a solution that could: 

  • Meet their exact requirements
  • Accommodate their ERP and EDI migration project with Dynamics 365
  • Reside on a cloud-based EDI platform
  • Provide full integration with Dynamics 365
  • Fully manage their EDI solution