IDEAL Industries Inc.



Leverage vendor managed inventory (VMI) to improve service to distributors and enable both parties to cut costs, improve efficiency and increase profitability


Replace an underperforming, maintenance-intensive VMI program with the hosted TrueCommerce VMI managed service solution


  • Order processing cost reductions and shorter cycle times
  • 10-20% return reduction with distributors using VMI
  • Distributors using VMI realize a 20% improvement in inventory turnover, 20-30% reduction in stockouts, 50% reduction in employee order management time
  • Highly responsive support and reliable managed service inspire trust and confidence
  • User-friendly software and available training help users get more value from the solution

“The support I get from TrueCommerce Datalliance is absolutely phenomenal–it’s one of the top benefits of the solution. Issues are always resolved very quickly and they’re very responsive to our customers.”

Chris Lamb
Vendor Managed Inventory Analyst
IDEAL Industries, Inc.