RC Willey Home Furnishings



Replace a legacy EDI system with a market-leading, cloud-based supply chain management solution to enhance visibility and productivity of inventory for the end customers


Implement TrueCommerce ecUtopia-supply chain automation to accelerate order processing, improve order tracking and enhance the customer experience


  • End-to-end EDI solution saves time, reduces errors and supports a growing business volume without adding staff
  • Automation accelerates order processing and enables RC Willey to reduce customer-impacting delays and get more product into its warehouse faster
  • Fast, consistent and accurate order tracking helps improve customer service
  • A broad range of TrueCommerce solutions gives RC Willey even more options for improving efficiency and expanding into new sales channels

“One of the key benefits of TrueCommerce-ecUtopia is more consistent and better order tracking, with fewer errors. The ability to see where product is and know when it will arrive at our DCs is critical to our customer experience.”

Stuart Peterson
VP of Supply Chain
RC Willey Home Furnishings