The Three Stages of EDI Adoption


EDI accounts for over $4 trillion of sales for manufacturers per year alone in the US and represents a business-critical service for a wide array of organizations. Even still, many of those using the tool are not maximizing it to its full potential.

At TrueCommerce, we regularly speak to organizations that have invested in EDI purely to meet their customers’ requirements and secure a contract. However, because they aren’t fully utilizing their solutions, they are losing efficiency along the way.

EDI is a tool that enables growth by streamlining internal processes, reducing dependence on manual processes, and enabling staff to refocus time into other areas of the business. In this brief, we’ll run through the different stages of EDI adoption and the kinds of benefits a business can expect as their EDI investment matures. Then, we’ll show you how businesses can accelerate their digital maturity and move quickly into the latter stages of EDI adoption, where the biggest return on investment is delivered.