Webinar: Where’s My Part? Mastering Supply Chain Visibility

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Automotive Supply Chain Visibility

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) face the daunting challenge of enhancing supply chain visibility. The question “Where’s my part?” is ever-present and has never been more critical as OEMs strive to meet escalating production demands and market expectations without stopping the line.  

Watch this insightful webinar recording as automotive industry expert David Eyes delves into the transformative strategies and cutting-edge technologies to enhance your supply chain visibility and prevent production delays. Together, we’ll examine multimodal logistics, reshoring and nearshoring, collaboration, and digital technology.  

Watch now and unlock the secrets to a transparent, efficient, and agile supply chain future. 


  • Exploring Multimodal Logistics Solutions  
  • Harnessing Digital Technology and Collaboration  
  • Developing Strategic Partnerships with 3PL Providers 
  • Embracing Reshoring and Nearshoring 
  • Outlining Key Takeaways and Future Expectations 

Key Points Covered: 

Advent of Multimodal Logistics Solutions: 
David emphasizes the pivotal role of multimodal logistics in revolutionizing supply chain visibility. By integrating various transport modes, including road, rail, air, and maritime, OEMs can navigate logistical challenges with versatility and agility. Real-world examples, such as the transportation of luxury electric vehicle batteries via air freight, highlight the industry’s commitment to innovative logistics solutions. 

Harnessing Collaboration and Digital Technology: 
Collaboration emerges as a cornerstone of achieving supply chain visibility. David discusses how digital technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain facilitate real-time tracking and transparency across the supply chain. These advancements foster proactive communication among stakeholders, enabling seamless flow of information and materials. 

Strategic Partnerships with 3PL Providers: 
David explores the symbiotic relationship between OEMs and Third-Party Logistics (3PL) providers. By leveraging 3PL expertise in specialized logistics solutions such as Just-in-Time delivery and cross-docking, OEMs can optimize part flow, reduce costs, and enhance service quality. Additionally, 3PLs serve as valuable sources of market insights and logistical innovations. 

Embracing Reshoring and Nearshoring: 
Reshoring and nearshoring strategies gain prominence as means to bolster supply chain resilience. David discusses how relocating production closer to end markets or stable regions mitigates risks associated with global market volatility and geopolitical tensions. These strategies not only enhance supply chain visibility but also align with sustainability objectives. 

Charting a Course Towards a Transparent and Agile Future: 
The webinar concludes by outlining a multifaceted approach for OEMs to achieve supply chain visibility. By embracing innovative logistics solutions, fostering collaborative ecosystems, and leveraging technological advancements, OEMs can navigate global supply chain complexities with confidence and precision. The pursuit of transparency and agility promises a future characterized by operational excellence and sustainability in the automotive industry. 

In Conclusion: 
David Eyes provides a comprehensive roadmap for automotive OEMs seeking to excel in an era defined by rapid technological advancement and market volatility. By mastering supply chain visibility through strategic partnerships, digital integration, and innovative logistics solutions, OEMs can ensure uninterrupted production and drive industry-wide innovation and growth.