Winning Streak Sports



Maintain exceptional responsiveness to major retail customers, including dropshipping services, during and after a move to a new ERP system


Implement integrated, web-based TrueCommerce EDI for SAP Business One, along with the TrueCommerce labeling and scheduling add-ons and the TrueCommerce Amazon Marketplace Integration


  • Seamlessly complies with major retailers’ most demanding EDI requirements
  • Strong, proactive customer support during and after the ERP migration keeps orders moving and drives faster time-to-value
  • Comprehensive integration and automation between EDI and SAP Business One for sales orders, invoices, ASNs and other key EDI documents to eliminate manual effort and accelerate order processing to meet tight shipping timeframes
  • Effortlessly scales up to handle thousands of EDI transactions per day during peak periods

“Usually within 24 hours of receiving an order, we’ve already shipped it and the customer already has their tracking data, invoice and so on. TrueCommerce really helps us to maintain the service level that we say we can provide.”

Jessica Degregorio
E-retail Sales
Winning Streak Sports