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SAP Business One — Mama Rosie's Co., Inc.

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Mama Rosie’s — EDI for SAP Business Systems Case Studies

Integrating SAP Business One with TrueCommerce EDI Solutions Truly a “Painless Process”

Mama Rosie’s Co., Inc. had a number of trading partner customers who required EDI for invoicing. At the time, Mama Rosie’s manually entered the information into an outdated DOS-based system. It soon became evident that they needed to upgrade their business software package and transaction management system.

Working with a local business software Value Added Reseller (VAR), Mama Rosie’s chose SAP Business One because it met their needs, was affordable and easy to implement, and was EDI capable. The VAR suggested integrating the software with the TrueCommerce EDI Platform because, in their opinion, it was the most robust end-to-end EDI solution available for SAP Business One, using the SAP SDK to add functionality to the ERP. TrueCommerce Transaction Manager would provide a comprehensive solution that would work in harmony with SAP Business One and allow the VAR’s team to effectively rely on TrueCommerce’s EDI domain expertise and Professional Services team to seamlessly integrate with the business software.

Once the business management software was installed and operational, the EDI component was added. Since TrueCommerce EDI already worked with all of Mama Rosie’s trading partners and knew their requirements, the integration process was seamless and the implementation easy, minimizing Mama Rosie’s involvement.

One of the benefits Mama Rosie’s immediately realized was the ease in training on and use of the TrueCommerce EDI platform. The simplicity of training was, according to Mama Rosie’s, the “single best thing” about the implementation, reducing a one day training cycle to less than half an hour. Their EDI solution is simple and straight-forward to learn and use.

Also, automated transaction management tremendously expedited the order entry through invoice generation process. This resulted in seeing orders, on average, two days sooner and receiving payments three days faster.

With the further realization of highly responsive ongoing support, Mama Rosie’s stands by their statement that implementing TrueCommerce EDI “really was a painless process.”


Implement an EDI system that harmonizes with chosen business management software application to more efficiently fulfill trading partner requirements and business growth initiatives.


Implement a simple and affordable end-to-end EDI solution from TrueCommerce.


  • Integrating SAP Business One with the TrueCommerce EDI Platform is simple and affordable, and significantly improves productivity and drives cost savings.
  • New EDI users can quickly become proficient with very little training. The intuitive transaction interface is just as familiar to use as e-mail.
  • Implementation is fast, with minimal involvement needed from the user. TrueCommerce EDI Professional Services handles the process, end-to-end.

“We really didn’t know what to expect, though it was hard to believe it would be that easy. TrueCommerce knew what to do and what our trading partners wanted. I didn’t have to think about it…[It] really was a painless process.”

Anthony “Dino” Stott
General Manager
Mama Rosie’s Co., Inc.

“It’s the most robust end-to-end EDI solution for SAP Business One and uses the SAP SDK to add functionality to the ERP…”

Barry Berlin
Client Interaction, Inc.



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