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Growing businesses face shrinking margins combined with intense demands to achieve higher service levels across order profiles. This requires you to minimize shipping lead times while also cutting costs and eliminating errors and returns.

TrueCommerce Pack & Ship is a web-based, multi-carrier shipping solution that enables businesses to pack more accurately, shop for the lowest shipping rates, quickly print labels from over 60 carriers, and more. It’s the best solution for all the ways you ship—today and tomorrow!

Pack & Ship consolidates multiple applications into one powerful solution that connects shipping, order processing, EDI, your business/ERP system and customer service tasks to automate your fulfillment processes. It accelerates outbound fulfillment, improves productivity and efficiency and simplifies compliance with retailers’ requirements.

Now you can finally integrate and automate omni-channel fulfillment and trading partner compliance to do business in every direction with all your supply chain partners, from manufacturers to distributors to 3PLs.

Ship More Orders in Less Time

  • Print shipping labels faster than ever before.
  • Improve fulfillment efficiency and scale with standardized packing and shipping processes.
  • Superior multi-carrier support lets you ship to more places without having to manage multiple shipping solutions.
  • Automatically scale up to handle demand spikes with our cloud-based model.
Pack & Ship Rate Shop Till You Drop on Laptop

Rate Shop til Costs Drop

  • Dynamic rate shopping lets you slash shipping costs by finding the lowest-cost carrier that can meet your time in transit needs.
  • Get the best rates and discounts!
  • Comprehensive shipment history data lets you analyze freight spend and negotiate better rates.
  • Automatically get Commercial Plus Pricing with USPS just by using Pack & Ship.
Susquehanna Glass Success Story
Success Story

Susquehanna Glass

Susquehanna Glass Transforms Supply Chain Processes to Do Business in Every Direction with TrueCommerce Foundry – Bringing EDI, eCommerce, and Fulfillment Solutions Together in One System
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Pack & Ship Shipment History

Verify Twice, Ship Once

  • Built-in pack verification eliminates costly shipping errors—so you ship the right products in the right quantities to the right locations.
  • Supports both image-guided and scan verification.
  • Built-in street level address validation ensures that packages ship to valid addresses.
Pack & Ship

Get More Connected... to Your Business System

  • Pack & Ship integrates out-of-the-box with an unbeatable array of leading business/ERP systems.
  • Automatically generate shipments or invoices directly from your business system.
  • Update orders with shipment status and tracking data in sync with your business system.
  • Automatically sync lot and serial data collected during order fulfillment with your business system.
Pack & Ship Cartonization

Out-Omni the Competition

  • Support for 60+ global carriers gives you vast service coverage, including cross-border shipping and same-day delivery in specific markets.
  • Improve vendor scorecards and reduce chargebacks with compliant and accurate ASNs and GS1 labels.
  • Ship palletized orders via LTL/TL, with support for cross-dock orders.

“The people I’m working with on this program are some of the best people that I’ve ever worked with. TrueCommerce has been willing to go the extra mile and has consistently come through on every issue that we’ve encountered. I have the highest regard for TrueCommerce as a company and for its solutions, and I would recommend TrueCommerce Pack & Ship to any business like ours.”

Todd Parsons, Susquehanna Glass


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Pack & Ship Packing Control Tower

Channel Sales Control Tower

  • Track both shipments and operations with powerful analytics and reporting tools.
  • Comprehensive track and trace.
  • Prebuilt control towers allow you to keep a pulse on your business.
Deliver a consistent brand and customer experience with TrueCommerce PIM

Be Your Brand

  • Automatically send branded emails to customers as orders are completed.
  • Print branded packing slips for your business or your drop-ship customer.

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