Simplify Management and Syndication of Product Content across All Your Channels

A great omni-channel customer experience starts with great product content. However, sourcing, curating, formatting and distributing an ever-expanding diversity of content while ensuring a consistent and complete view for buyers can be next to impossible without automation.

TrueCommerce Product Information Management (PIM) serves as your cloud-based master repository, enabling you and your supply chain partners to collect, enrich and share product content—from images to video to tech specs to customer testimonials—with much less effort and fewer resources.

Now you can instantly sync syndicated product content with connected partner, channel, marketplace and storefront systems. With TrueCommerce, it’s easy to turn your biggest growth hurdles into key competitive differentiators, so you’re ready to do business in every direction.


How Does PIM Work?

  • A PIM workflow starts by sourcing product content from disparate sources, and validating and consolidating the information in a master repository. From there, content can be enriched with additional value-added information and then published to various internal and external systems.
  • As a result, PIM ensures that all your partners have consistent, accurate information across your product lines. Plus, when updates to a product are needed, they can be executed directly within the PIM interface, and then automatically distributed to your entire supply chain, as well as your internal business systems.

Is PIM Right for You?

If you fit one or more of these profiles, TrueCommerce Product Manager (PIM) could significantly benefit your business:

  • You have large product assortments and/or rapid expansion plans
  • You need to frequently change assortments or prices
  • You market complex or technical products
  • You sell internationally and need to localize product content (language, currency, units, cultural preferences, etc.)
PIM Channel Management

Radically Improve Content Management Efficiency

  • Manage more content with higher levels of quality, completeness and consistency
  • Create incredibly flexible product taxonomies to support all your brands, channels, catalogs and unique products
  • Support your entire commerce ecosystem with a wide range of channel connections
  • Reduce implementation and integration efforts and deliver exceptional time-to-value via cloud-based deployment
PIM Customer Experience

Elevate Your Marketing

  • Deliver a consistent brand and customer experience across all your channels
  • Eliminate barriers to growing your assortment
  • Reduce time-to-market for new channels with built-in connectors that let you rapidly sync product assortments
  • Sell globally with less complexity by easily defining local product attributes and descriptions
Move into global markets

Move into global markets

  • Define unique attributes and product descriptions that cater to local languages and cultural differences
  • Meet global and regional product information requirements
  • Instantly share content with distributors and retail customers worldwide 
Increase sales and order value

Grow Your Bottom Line

  • Increase conversion rates with optimized product content that wins the buy box
  • Reduce returns with better information that makes it easier to select the correct item
  • Slash costs associated with manually entering, formatting and managing content
IDC PIM Marketscape

IDC MarketScape Worldwide Product Information Management Applications for Commerce Vendor Assessment

After a thorough evaluation of TrueCommerce's strategy and capabilities, IDC has positioned the company in the Contenders category within this 2019–2020 IDC MarketScape for PIM applications for commerce. Strengths include: 

  • Cloud-native: TrueCommerce Product Manager was built in the cloud and has a modern API-first, microservices-based architecture.
  • ERP Integrations: TrueCommerce Product Manager comes pre-integrated to over 30 ERPs as a source of product data.
  • TrueCommerce Platform: TrueCommerce Product Manager is built on top of TrueCommerce's Foundry commerce platform. The intention of these unified applications is to enable customers to manage products and orders across a wide range of digital channels.

IDC MarketScape recommends companies to consider TrueCommerce if they “are a North American brand or a retailer looking to broaden their channels of distribution with a SaaS offering.”


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