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TrueCommerce PIM is a web-based
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that allows your organization to
better manage and syndicate product information.

TrueCommerce PIM

Explosive growth in digital commerce and rapid expansion of product assortments are placing far more pressure on organizations to collect, enrich and share a much broader set of product content. To offer the depth of content needed to serve today’s digital marketplace, supply chain participants need simpler and more cost effective means to share their product content.

Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer your business is likely working with hundreds or possibly even thousands of products. While most ERP or accounting systems allow you to manage basic product data attributes such as name, UPC, and SKU, most are not extensible to manage rich content. Selling and fulfilling in today’s omni-channel environment requires management of a broader set of data including digital assets such as images, videos and specifications, communal data such as user ratings and customer testimonials and an extensive set of product attributes and variants.

At the heart of the TrueCommerce Foundry is a Product Information Management System (PIM), serving as your company’s master repository for product information. The TrueCommerce PIM equips your business to more effectively manage and optimize product content in one simple to use and centralized system. By managing your product content within TrueCommerce, your organization can immediately synch syndicated product content with your connected trading partner, channel, marketplace or storefront system.

Source, curate and distribute all your product information across all your channels to ensure a consistent and complete view for buyers—because a great digital customer experience starts with great content.

  • Increase sales with better conversion rates and improved product visibility by syndicating up to the date, complete and optimized product information
  • Deliver a unified customer experience regardless of channel: online, mobile, marketplaces and offline: in-store or in print
  • Minimize returns on orders by providing buyers with the information they need to make the right choice
  • Empower collaboration and value creation with your channel partners by eliminating barriers to sharing product content
  • Reduce the time and effort required to expand into new digital channels, grow your assortment or introduce new products – quickly deliver content in the exact format digital channels require
  • Reduce cost and complexity associated with managing and distributing product content

Help Buyers Discover and Purchase Your Products

To win in today’s omni-channel retail environment, brands and merchants must deliver compelling, consistent content that stands out and converts visitors into buyers. But as you add new products and channels, the effort required can become overwhelming. A Product Information Management (PIM) solution from TrueCommerce gives your team the centralized repository and automated workflows you need to meet this critical challenge.

“Content is king” and is an essential pillar for your digital strategy. But sourcing, organizing, managing, distributing and updating an ever-expanding portfolio of internal, commercial and communal product content—both within your own organization and out to distributors, marketplaces, retailers and other channel partners—is a major barrier to growth and success.

Product content comes from a wide range of sources, and may lack completeness, quality and/or consistency. Optimizing this material is one hurdle. Formatting and delivering it with consistency across channels is another. Market-specific regulatory and social concerns around product safety data, allergens, traceability, sustainability, fair market practices and other factors further compound the challenge.

In the face of this mounting pressure, spreadsheet-based manual and ad hoc methods become unmanageable. To manage content complexity, achieve compliance and maintain control over content distribution and updates with channel partners, automation offers a scalable path forward.

TrueCommerce PIM delivers automation in an easy-to-use, web-based solution that’s powerful, configurable and affordable. TrueCommerce’s cloud based deployment and wide selection of channel connections reduces implementation and integration efforts delivering exceptional time-to-value. TrueCommerce PIM is also the only PIM solution that supports your entire commerce ecosystem by connecting to your retailer network, digital marketplaces, online storefronts and backend systems.

With TrueCommerce PIM you can:

  • Improve content management efficiency and scalability to manage more products with much higher levels of data quality, completeness and consistency
  • Import content in commonly used formats like CSV and XML with automated data validation
  • Sync content provided from suppliers using EDI or from a GS1 certified data pool
  • Upload images, videos, manuals, reviews, sell sheets, etc. and quickly associate them with products
  • Categorize, classify and define product taxonomies with virtually unlimited flexibility to support all the brands, channels, catalogs and unique products you take to market
  • Define intelligent workflows based on the unique characteristics of your brands, catalogs and channel relationships
  • Ready your business for global opportunities by auto-translating product descriptions into multiple languages using machine translation
  • Control which users can access, edit, add or remove content by brand, category, catalog and channel
  • Track and audit all content edit history by user and date, providing complete accountability
  • Manage price listings by channel, data and catalog
  • Securely enable suppliers to view and edit content for their products

Benefits of TrueCommerce PIM

Product Image Management brings many strategic benefits to as well as impacting your bottom line and enhancing your marketing.

Strategic Benefits

  • Deliver a consistent brand and customer experience across every relevant channel, from online to mobile to marketplaces and offline in store, events and print
  • Eliminate barriers to growing your assortment due to the complexities of managing, optimizing and publishing a rapidly expanding set of product attributes - TrueCommerce PIM delivers a structured and scalable approach, including the ability to source content from suppliers and enable them to enrich their content directly
  • Equip your business to grow your brand and sales through fast growing digital channels – TrueCommerce PIM includes connectors that immediately synchs product assortments direct to your online stores, social sites and marketplaces
  • Reduce time-to-market for new catalogs, expanded assortments, product launches, new markets and new channel partners
  • Reduce complexity of selling in a global marketplace – TrueCommerce PIM enables your organization to define unique attributes and product descriptions accommodating for local language and cultural differences as well as regional regulatory requirements

Bottom-Line Benefits

  • Increase conversion rates by optimizing product content, buyers will more easily discover your products and find the information they need to win the buy box
  • Reduce returns with better information and a better buying experience that makes it easier to find and select the correct item
  • Reduce cost by freeing up resources that are manually entering content into spreadsheets, managing for version control, tracking down information from across the organization and formatting content for each channel partner

Benefits for Marketers

  • Manage content complexity as you expand product portfolios, move into new channels and enter new regions/markets
  • Gain complete control over what content is delivered to each channel and partner addressing specific relationships, contract requirements, fulfillment demands and market segments
  • Ensure content quality by sourcing, validating, approving and publishing new product information in a structured, efficient and accurate manner
  • Maintain industry and regulatory compliance, even with a global presence, driven by built-in validations and content approval workflow

PIM Workflow Overview


When is the right time to Implement TrueCommerce PIM?

A PIM workflow basically consists of sourcing content from multiple sources, validating and consolidating the data against existing content assets, enriching the content with various attributes, and publishing the “syndicated” content to internal and external systems.

TrueCommerce PIM is an ideal solution for brands that want to grow their businesses by increasing sales, expanding product assortments and onboarding new channels. TrueCommerce PIM is also very powerful for merchants seeking to more efficiently manage and optimize product content and collaborate more effectively with suppliers to minimize time-to-market.

When is the right time to implement a PIM solution? If your organization matches one or more of the following profiles, it’s time to consider how optimizing product information management can streamline your operations and help your organization achieve breakthrough growth.

Large product assortments and /or rapid expansion plans

For organizations with a high number of unique products, managing product information using spreadsheets often becomes an onerous burden that impedes growth. Retail organizations building their assortments, whether in-store, online or both, face a similar challenge with sourcing product content from a diverse supplier community. In general, the more products a business has, the greater the value of a PIM solution.

Growing an online business

For brands and merchants committed to increasing sales across a variety of digital channels, delivering optimized product content to each of those channels in the expected format can be overwhelmingly complex. TrueCommerce PIM can help eliminate this barrier to digital success by managing information in one system, and publishing everywhere.

Frequent assortment or price changes

For sellers that offer frequent or seasonal assortment changes, such as fashion, home and garden, and club-based businesses. Effectively managing and rapidly distributing high-quality content for frequent bursts of new products is extremely demanding without a systematic approach offering far better organization, management and automation. These types of businesses also benefit greatly from high-quality product content to ensure their new products are discovered and to reduce returns.

Complex or technical products

Food manufacturers, hi-tech firms, pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers work with products containing a wide set of attributes and are facing increased regulatory pressures to track and manage an even broader set of attributes. For these types of organizations managing a growing product portfolio, spreadsheet-based content management becomes too costly. The potential impact of mistakes, product recall readiness, data quality and industry compliance are key considerations also for having a systematic approach to managing product content both for internal systems and value chain partners.

Selling internationally

Among the challenges that selling into new geographies presents are translating product information into local languages, currencies, units of measure, cultural preferences and so on. TrueCommerce PIM can make managing these changes and additions much more efficient lowering the barriers for achieving growth in new markets. To learn more or see a demonstration of TrueCommerce PIM, please call 888-430-4489.


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