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TrueCommerce Pack & Ship is a web-based multi-carrier
shipping application that allows business to pack accurately
and shop for the lowest shipping rates.
Print labels from over 60 carriers!

TrueCommerce Pack & Ship

Right Products. Right Place. Right Time. Every Time.

Omni-channel fulfillment and trading partner compliance can finally be integrated, automated and simplified for manufacturers, distributors and 3PLs.

Introducing TrueCommerce Pack & Ship—affordable, web-based, end-to-end order fulfillment automation that equips your organization to consistently deliver on your customers’ expectations.

  • Boosts fulfillment capabilities by standardizing packing and shipping across all order fulfillment methods, eliminating manual efforts while increasing throughput
  • Reduces freight spend through dynamic rate shopping, optimal carrier selection and service option to achieve the promised delivery service level across more than 60 certified carriers
  • USPS Commercial Plus pricing included with every Postal account
  • Eliminates returns and costly shipping errors with intelligent pack verification, street level address validation and the enforcement of flexible shipping workflow rules - ensuring the right products in the right quantities are shipped to the right locations, at the right time
  • Synchs orders from all channels—including fast growing marketplaces like Amazon, Wal-Mart and others or popular shopping carts such as Shopify, Magento or TrueCommerce Nexternal in addition to more than 20 leading ERP and Business systems — synchronizing order and fulfillment status in real-time
  • Powerful shipping rules to automate routing compliance such as third party billing, carrier reference fields, carrier selection, and more
  • Available cartonization functionality to optimize package and pallet utilization and decrease freight spend
  • Improves vendor scorecards and reduces chargebacks with automatic generation of compliant ASNs, GS1 labels, branded packing slips, shipping labels, packing lists and much more
  • Provides operational analytics including freight spend, fulfillment throughput and performance metrics


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“With Pack & Ship, you can meet the diverse and escalating demands
of consumers and major retailers while cutting overall costs and
improving fulfillment accuracy.”

-Ross Elliott, TrueCommerce President


Scale fulfillment operations. Deliver on Customer Promise. Reduce costs.

Growing businesses in today’s environment face unrelenting demands to achieve more stringent service levels across multiple order profiles. With shrinking margins and changing customer expectations for fulfillment velocity, you need to minimize shipping and fulfillment costs while also eliminating errors and returns.

Point solutions linked by manual effort and ad hoc processes cannot rise to these challenges. Comprehensive, dependable automation is essential for success.

TrueCommerce Pack & Ship equips your business with key capabilities needed to accelerate throughput and scale your fulfillment operations to effectively onboard new distribution channels and partner relationships.

Pack & Ship consolidates multiple, disparate applications into one powerful, web-based solution. It connects shipping, order processing, EDI, back office system integration and customer service to automate your fulfillment processes — accelerating outbound fulfillment, improving productivity and efficiency and simplifying compliance with major retailers’ requirements.

With Pack & Ship, your organization can fulfill orders across a variety of order channels including big box retailers, eCommerce, online marketplaces, orders placed online and fulfilled from your store locations and other channels. As orders originate across demand channels they are automatically synchronized with Pack & Ship so your warehouse personnel can immediately begin fulfilling orders. Pack & Ship validates the contents of the shipment to ensure accuracy, selects the lowest cost option to deliver on the service level requirement and prints all required documentation such as carrier labels, GS1 compliance labels, return labels, branded packing lists and much more. For orders requiring trading partner compliance, TrueCommerce Transaction Manager automatically builds and sends a compliant ASN (Advance Ship Notice), while Pack & Ship synchronizes shipment data with your ERP, completing the fulfillment and invoicing steps within your business system. Fast, accurate and easy!

Unbeatable Business Value

With TrueCommerce Pack & Ship your organization can fulfill orders faster, with fewer errors and operational readiness to handle major demand spikes. Turnkey integration with leading accounting and storefront systems simplifies workflows and eliminates data rekeying and latency issues that may currently be holding your organization back. An easy-to-use, web-based interface also reduces training cycles for warehouse personnel and IT maintenance overhead delivering improved productivity and efficiency.

Reduce shipping and fulfillment costs

  • Dynamic rate shopping selects the most economical shipping option to achieve the promised delivery service level
  • Built-in pack verification (both image-guided and scan validation) plus address verification eliminates costly shipping errors—ensuring the right products in the right quantities are shipped to the right locations, on-time

Consistently meet delivery expectations

  • Support for 60+ global carriers offers a vast service coverage including cross-border shipping
  • Offer same-delivery in specific markets including support for PostMates and Deliv
  • Turnkey integration with leading accounting/ERP systems syncs order and fulfillment status in real-time
  • Predefined shipping rules (covering customer- and address-level account numbers, carrier presets, reference fields, compliant labeling, packing methods and much more) ensure orders are processed correctly every time

Scale fulfillment without burdensome added costs

  • Standardized packing and shipping processes across all order profiles streamlines and scales fulfillment activity and reduces time-consuming “exceptions”
  • Integration across core fulfillment systems eliminates data latency issues and process interruptions streamlining fulfillment processes for your warehouse personnel
      Manage rapid growth, as well as seasonal and other demand peaks, keeping costs predictable

Improve vendor scorecard performance and create great customer relationships

  • Automatically generates and manages compliance requirements for customer accounts requiring EDI documents (EDI 856), GS1 labels, branded packing slips and more
  • Frees your staff from having to login to multiple disparate applications to rekey and produce required compliance documentation
  • Systematic order fulfillment and “built-in” compliance dramatically reduces complexity of managing unique trading partner requirements resulting in fewer chargebacks and less reliance on “tribal knowledge” of key customer account requirements
  • Meet demands for certified carrier labels and VICS Bill of Lading Reports
  • Increase perfect order performance and protect your scorecard performance with key trading partner accounts
  • Automatically send branded emails to customers as orders are completed
  • Empower customer service with full track-and-trace visibility

Connect Your Efforts Where It Matters Most

Fulfill Orders across all demand channels

  • Synch orders from all your channels—including fast growing marketplace like Amazon, Wal-Mart and others or popular shopping carts such as Shopify, Magento or TrueCommerce Nexternal —into one robust platform
  • Reliable, repeatable and configurable processes empowers your organization to quickly onboard new channels partners including dropship vendor programs
  • Ship via parcel carriers direct to customers
  • Ship palletized orders via LTL/TL for bulkier items or larger replenishment orders
  • Simplify replenishment to your physical store locations or even ship direct to consumers from your store locations
  • Handle shipments that require pack verification, pack-level detail, or serial/lot tracking
  • Handle partial and consolidated shipments including complicated cross-dock orders

Connect to carriers

  • Unbeatable multi-carrier support lets you ship to more places faster, while eliminating the need to manage multiple shipping solutions
  • Dynamic rate shopping helps you drive down shipping costs by finding the lowest-cost alternatives—get the best rates and discounts
  • Automatically create shipping labels for any supported carrier: FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL and many more

Connect to your key business systems

  • Pack & Ship integrates out-of-the-box with a wide range of leading accounting/ERP solutions, including Intuit’s QuickBooks, NetSuite, Dynamics, SAP B1, Sage and Acumatica
  • Automatically sync orders with Pack & Ship based on specific data points like customer, ship date and ship-to location
  • Following order fulfillment Pack & Ship automatically updates orders in your ERP or storefront solution with shipment status, freight cost, selected carrier, tracking and more
  • Automatically sync lot and serial data collected during order fulfillment with your ERP
  • Fulfills against the sales order based on what was shipped and automatically generates shipments or invoices directly within your ERP