Accelerate Online Walmart Order Fulfillment with TrueCommerce Marketplace Integration 

Empower your Walmart business with TrueCommerce's comprehensive marketplace integration solution. Seamlessly exchange key order, fulfillment, and inventory data between Walmart and your business system, 3PL, shipping and/or warehouse management systems. Say goodbye to manual updates related to order entry and fulfillment tasks. 

The TrueCommerce solution accelerates order processing, improves inventory visibility, and optimizes your ERP utilization, placing essential tools at your fingertips. TrueCommerce simplifies operations, allowing you to focus on growth and customer satisfaction. 

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Upgrade your Walmart selling experience today with TrueCommerce Marketplace Integration. 

Effortless Automation Across Platforms

TrueCommerce streamlines the exchange of crucial order, fulfillment, and inventory data between your ERP and Walmart.

Centralized Marketplace Management

Say farewell to the complexity of managing multiple portals and processes. TrueCommerce provides a web-based centralized interface for efficiently handling all your marketplace transactions from any location.


Comprehensive Integration

Integrated transactions cover inbound orders from marketplaces, outbound fulfillments, and outbound inventory, ensuring a complete approach to managing your online Walmart sales. 

Seamless Customer Onboarding

Effortlessly create new customers in your business system based on inbound Walmart marketplace orders, enhancing your ability to grow and manage your customer base.  

Seamless Integration with Leading Business Systems/ERPs

From QuickBooks and NetSuite to Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, SAP, and beyond, TrueCommerce automates business-critical processes including:  
  • Automatically retrieving orders and transmitting data to your ERP, eliminating manual rekeying
  • Streamlining order transmission to logistics and warehouse management solutions, expediting fulfillment
  • Verifying essential data such as pricing, items, and delivery addresses
  • Delivering real-time inventory data for seamless product availability management
  • Retrieving refunds – enabling reconciliation against orders received 
  • Easily creating new customer accounts in your ERP from Walmart marketplace orders
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Optimize Customer Experience with Walmart Marketplace Order Integration

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  • Streamline order processing for faster deliveries 
  • Keep customers informed with real-time shipping updates via your marketplace connection 
  • Communicate the acknowledgement of incoming orders 
  • Prevent overselling through accurate product availability updates