Executive Q&A TrueCommerce on B2B Market Pressures for Unified Commerce


March 22, 2017

by Karen Kroll, Contributing Writer for MSDynamicsWorld

MSDynamicsWorld.com sat down with with Nicholas Manolis, president of TrueCommerce, for a Q&A about the demands that he sees clients in the Dynamics ERP space facing today, and the technology and business trends that are shaping the future.

If the B2B world is expected to provide a retail-like experience, they are now getting a lesson in commerce that the B2C world has been learning for the last decade.

MSDynamicsWorld: On what business challenges is your team focused as it relates to Dynamics customers?

Nick Manolis: Three things happening in the market are affecting the Dynamics user base. One is the growth of B2B commerce. The recent B2C investments many companies had to make to handle omnichannel sales created a lot of market confusion, and a realization that the complexities are so great, that many companies need partners. That includes resellers of Microsoft Dynamics ERPs.

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