Ron’s Thoughts: News and Notes from Las Vegas Market

Male worker scanning barcode in warehouse.

February 27, 2020

The Las Vegas Furniture Market, the largest in in the western US, is a world-class experience that just keeps getting better. Serving primarily retail buyers and interior designers, it offers its tens of thousands of attendees a vast, cross-category shopping environment second to none on the west coast. And it is only getting bigger with the construction of a fourth building, Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas, a new 315,000-square-foot facility yielding 110,000 net square feet of rentable exhibit space. Construction is scheduled for completion in June 2020, to be used at the July Market.

Innovation and collaboration around the customer experience and within products are central themes at Las Vegas Market. This extends out through the businesses represented at the event to the consumers who will ultimately buy and enjoy the items on display.

Another reason this event is so exciting is that the home furnishings industry is at a critical juncture. The pace of change of products like cushion technology, electronic technology in chairs and sofas, ready to assemble (RTA) and easy ship are changing the way merchandisers buy. That combined with technological changes in brick-and- mortar, eCommerce and drop ship means the competitive disruption is always accelerating. Retailers and suppliers need more than terrific products—they need better ways to run their businesses and serve their customers.

That is why TrueCommerce/ecUtopia was and always will be a participant at Las Vegas Markets. We are there to connect with industry professionals, learn about the industry’s needs, share our own exciting innovations, and create new partnerships to help drive more efficient supply chains. Innovating with the people doing the work, we look to understand the needs that drive our customers and take time and cost out of the supply chain, creating a true commerce network.

All players in the supply chain need to go “beyond EDI” and enable visibility technology in the supply chain to exceed your customers needs while managing costs of inventory. Enabling drop shipping, direct to consumer shipping, or even direct to store shipping are ways to save touches and deliver to consumers more quickly.

Whether you need to become EDI compliant, want to shake manual effort out of your drop shipping workflow, or are considering automation like load tendering or dock scheduling and yard management, to move products faster and cheaper, TrueCommerce-ecUtopia can help. Our cloud-based services go “Beyond EDI” to enhance linkages all along the supply chain.

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