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September 13, 2023

Suppliers must have efficient and streamlined shipping processes in today’s fast-paced environment. Delivering orders to customers quickly allows businesses to remain competitive. 

According to a worldwide study about online purchases, about 41% of buyers hoped to receive their orders within one day. About 24% of the surveyed buyers reported wanting their order delivered in less than two hours. 

However, manual handling of shipping-related documents and transactions can be time-consuming and error-prone and hinder operational agility. When you want to meet consumers’ demands, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) provides your solution.

Benefits of an EDI Managed Service

EDI replaces paper-based documents with digital formats. The transactional codes send standardized documents, such as purchase orders or invoices, to supply chain partners. Here are some advantages of EDI for automated communication:

  • Better scaling: The data integration provides an easy way to handle seasonal order spikes and long-term business growth.
  • Cost reductions: An outsourced infrastructure removes the need for specialist hardware and personnel, allowing you to reallocate team members to more strategic activities. 
  • EDI compliance: The system provides data protection and high security to meet customer and local authority requirements.
  • Great efficiency: Integrating EDI into your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system improves supply chain visibility to streamline key trading processes and reduce the order-to-cash cycle. 
  • High data quality: Theautomation eliminates the risk of errors from manual entry, allowing you to improve data quality and increase delivery accuracy. 

Why Choose the Latest Advancements in EDI?

Many of the world’s largest retailers require their vendors to trade using transactional codes. While the supply chain is ever-changing, getting immediate insights into your inventory and orders allows you to respond in near real time. 

By providing better speed and consistency for information exchanges, investing in EDI now is a must. When you choose integrations and personalized services for your business, consider these beneficial features and upgrades: 

  • Use of Pacejet: Pacejet shipping tool includes a strong parcel and freight carrier network that integrates with your systems and adapts to serve you and your customers. 
  • Support with RF-SMART: The RF-SMART interface provides barcoding and mobile inventory management solutions for retail, eCommerce, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and warehousing. 
  • Integration with API labeling: An application programming interface (API) automates actions when systems communicate. 

Streamline Your Operations with Easy and Efficient Shipping Today

When you want to provide quick responses and rapid fulfillment, invest in the best EDI solutions from TrueCommerce. Our popular software is supported by a global commerce network with connections to over 160,000 retailers, suppliers, carriers, distributors, and third-party logistics (3PL) companies. 

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