Update to E-invoicing Implementation Schedule in France


October 27, 2023

Our previous blog post on e-invoicing in France informed you that the French B2G and B2B e-invoicing mandate had been postponed. As part of the latest draft budget released in October, a new schedule for implementing e-invoicing in France has been introduced. 

Here is the new schedule for implementing the e-invoicing mandate in France: 

In the spring of 2024, the tax authorities in France will publish a list of approved service providers. 

September 1, 2026: The first phase of implementation is scheduled to begin on September 1, 2026, and will include large and medium-sized enterprises. From this date, it will also be mandatory for all taxable companies in France to be able to receive e-invoices. 

September 1, 2027: The second phase of implementation is scheduled for September 1, 2027, and targets small and micro-enterprises. 

The new budget in France has yet to be adopted, so there may still be changes. As the plan progresses and continues to be modified, it is crucial that companies with business activities in France stay updated on changes and new dates. 

When the requirements come into effect in France, we will ensure that our customers are able to comply with them. Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates and other important information, and continue to follow as we post updates on our website.   

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